How to choose the best knowledge management software

How to choose the best knowledge management software

Are you looking for the best knowledge management software that can help you effectively manage your business knowledge?

ProProfs knowledge base software:

These are some of the best features that should be noted when choosing a knowledge management system.

0: 50-Member Manager
-This feature allows you to assign roles such as administrator, editor, contributor and viewer
To individual users or groups.
-As the main administrator, you can further designate an administrator to manage activities
Editors, viewers and contributors.
-You can also use these roles and permissions to manage training courses and learners
The community.

1: 25-Conditional content.
-This feature can help you ensure content security.
-You can set rules to restrict or allow access to pages or folders, and save these rules for use
They span multiple sites.
-You can even create multiple sites for different departments. For example, the sales team can
Have their own knowledge base, and support staff have their own knowledge.
-If you use knowledge management for training and learning, you should choose other courses or learners
Different teams can visit the community. Sales people may have their own courses, while
Marketing can have its own.

2: 10- insightful report
-Reports can help you analyze search patterns.
-They provide you with clear pictures of popular and poorly rated articles (popular and failed pictures)
Search, recently published articles and authors of these articles.
-Using all this data, you will find it easy to continue to improve your knowledge base
-Reports on learning include data such as who took which course, to be trained
For homework, learners need to spend more time.

Now, you know the functions you should pay attention to when choosing the best knowledge management software.

You can get all these features in the ProProfs tool, such as knowledge base software and trainers.

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