How to Integrate Google Apps With NetSuite

Google Apps is increasingly becoming a bigger part of the way businesses and individuals shop. Everyone who has worked in the business world knows that Microsoft has been the main platform, especially Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office. But we are now seeing a shift away from these more expensive and difficult to manage business platforms to the more user-friendly and economical Google Apps.

There are four main areas of Google Apps:

Google GMail

Google contacts

Google Calendar

Google Docs

Basically, these are the 4 major productivity apps that all companies work with to compete in the global economy. Not every company leverages the power of an integrated CRM & ERP business management suite, like the one offered by NetSuite. The organizations that utilize an integrated business suite, such as NetSuite, have a much greater capacity to produce competitive advantages over those that do not. Still, basic productivity applications are needed for the unstructured, irregular demand for collaboration, presentations and electronic communications. Fortunately, there are solutions available to integrate NetSuite with Google Apps to minimize the classic import, export and inevitable data issues when trying to store information in your CRM & ERP system as well as your productivity suite.

While the NetSuite partnership has built an integration between Google Mail and NetSuite, Prolecto Resources has created Google contacts for NetSuite Sync. If you want a central archive of contacts in NetSuite because you want to use it to produce marketing, email blast, and leverage lead-care campaigns, but you also use Gmail for your daily email and calendar, you will want to connect these systems. The goal here is to keep all your contacts in sync with NetSuite. As you continue to add people to Google Groups, you can sync those groups with the equivalent of “NetSuite categories” for each of the contacts. These category properties can then be used as targeting mechanisms. Then, get your employees to use their Android phones connected to Google Apps while capturing information about the people they interact with on a daily basis – essentially creating new NetSuite audiences without having to lift a finger or import / export data.

As businesses expand and employees continue to use other programs and databases, finding a way to manage these platforms is cost-effective and timely. There are many options, but NetSuite provides a workable solution.

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