How to repair a corrupt Entourage database?

Is your Microsoft Entourage database corrupt? Do you not have access to data from the Entourage database? Corruption is a very major reason for the loss of data from the MS Entourage database file. After corruption, MS Entourage cannot read the database and becomes inaccessible. After corruption, immediately stop opening the database. Continued use of the database can lead to more corruption and serious data loss. In order to access your precious business critical data in such circumstances, Mac Entourage recovery is required.

You will get several strange symptoms when Entourage is corrupt. You should not open the database or encounter errors while opening data. The most common error messages that indicate corruption of Entourage DB are as follows:

Your Office database is damaged. Do you want to close MSN Messenger and all Microsoft Office programs so that the database utility can run?

The promotion cannot be completed. An unknown error (4363) has occurred.

· Error opening database [-39:””]

· The identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage

ERROR: Cannot open database [Head]

ERROR: corruption when opening the database [16003:””]

The above errors indicate that your database is severely damaged and unusable. To save data from such a database, you need to find out the cause of the problem and then perform Entourage recovery by repairing it.


As mentioned above, the problem is usually caused by database corruption. Corruption can result from application malfunction, improper system shutdown, virus infection, database header corruption, identity corruption and more. The specific reason for the problem can be identified using the error message.


Try the methods below to solve this problem with Microsoft Entourage:

Check the Entourage database with Database Utility to find out the corruption and its causes.

Rebuild Microsoft Entourage if it is corrupt. Rebuilding is possible with the Database Utility tool, built-in tool in MS Entourage.

Restore the database from the current backup. The backup must be valid and updated to ensure a perfect restore.

If all else fails, Entourage repair software comes to your aid. The applications are able to fix all corruption problems that cannot be solved with Database Utility. Such Mac Entourage recovery programs ensure a perfect recovery using advanced scanning techniques. With a simple self-descriptive graphical user interface, they are easy to use.

Source by Kuldeep Kulmii