How to save data from irreparable OST file?

OST or Offline Folder File is a storage system in Outlook that allows users to work offline and send and receive emails through Microsoft Exchange Server. Although the OST file plays an important role in data management in Outlook, it is vulnerable to corruption due to various internal and external factors. When such a problem occurs, it is important that the user gets all the important information from the corrupt OST file.

An offline map file can be damaged by various internal and external factors. If the user quits Outlook abruptly, it is likely that the OST file gets corrupted. Moreover, various external factors such as viruses, spyware and malware contribute to the damage of an OST file. An OST file can also get corrupted if there is a network connection failure or a sudden power outage. An OST file can also get corrupted if there is a sync error. Whenever an offline map file gets corrupted, the data stored in it becomes inaccessible and you may need the help of some specialized tools to recover the lost data correctly.

The most effective way to recover corrupt data from OST file is to convert it to PST (Personal Storage Table) format. OST to PST conversion is possible if you can access the data stored in the offline map file. OST Integrity Tool is a free integrated tool provided by Microsoft to retrieve data from a damaged OST file that you can easily use. However, you need the help of third party third party software to effectively convert your damaged files from OST to PST.

In many cases where a user is experiencing problems with the server database or user mailbox, the primary solution to this problem is to recreate the user profile. However, even after recreating a mailbox, the user may still have trouble using the file in a straight line. Therefore, it must first be converted to a PST file and then linked to the mailbox. If you try to open the damaged file using the user profile, the following error may occur:

“The file cannot be used because it was created for another user.”

If such an error occurs, the data stored in the Offline folder file becomes completely unusable and all your important emails, notes, contacts and tasks become inaccessible to you. It is therefore necessary for effective OST to PST file conversion so that you can access all your valuable information. For this you need the help of effective third party software, such as “Advanced Exchange Recovery”, which is capable of converting damaged OST file to PST and thereby recover all your important data.

Source by Alan Nice