HP Password Reset – I Forgot My HP Laptop Password

Can you help me with mine HP password reset? I just forgot my HP laptop password! I usually heard such kind of complaintsHP laptop password is reset.

Solution 1: Login HP laptop from other accounts with administrator privileges

If you know other accounts that have administrator rights, you can use them to log in to your PC and reset the lost password. take HP Windows XP Laptop Recovery as an example:

A. Start your PC from safe mode by pressing F8 when the PC stars.

B. Log in to the available administrator rights account.

C. Start – Local users and groups – lusrmgr.msc in the search box – ENTER.

D. Local users and groups – select Users.

E. Right-click the required account to reset password, and then select Set Password.

F. Enter and confirm the new password.

Solution 2: HP password bypass by Ophcrack

Ophcrack is an easy Windows recovery tool available online. You just have to visit his site to download an ISO image file online. With a CD, you burn the file into it and insert the CD into your HP laptop. Restart the system; you can easily recover your code.

Solution 3: DIY a HP password reset code

It is popular for PC users to DIY their own password reset disk. They often refer to Windows password recovery tools. Let’s take one of the most common tools – Windows Password Recovery Basic as an example. Just 3 steps:

Step A. Burn a.iso file to a blank CD / DVD or USB Flash Drive;

Step B. Start the burned CD / DVD or USB Flash Drive from the lost password from the PC;

Step C. Reset a new HP password.

Solution 4: HP password recovery with password reset CD / DVD or USB

It is the last, but not the least, solution to recover HP Windows password. Create password reset disk for your PC when we set password for our PC. Take HP Windows 7 as an example to finish the disk as follows:

A. Insert a USB flash drive or floppy disk into the PC.

B. Open User Accounts: Start – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Security – User Accounts.

C. In the left pane, select “Create a password reset disk” and then “Forgot password wizard” will appear.

D. Click “Next,” and then follow the instructions to create a password reset disk to get rid of problems caused by Windows 7 forgotten password.

To lock your HP password never interferes with you now. Keep the disc in a safe place. One day, if you locked out the PC with your forgotten password, you can use the disk to help you many times.

E. Click OK on the wrong password prompt prompt and close the message box.

F. Click Reset Windows Password, and then insert password reset code (or other removable media).

G. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.

H. Sign in with the new password.

Especially share these solutions with your friends who use PC. For safety, these tips to HP laptop password is reset will help us forgot the HP laptop password.