Ideas for summer gathering that any church can use with the help of church management software

Summer is the best season to raise money because many holidays fall during these months; this is a time where we relax in the pool, play games and plan trips. What do you think you can do to engage church members in fundraising before the summer ends?

Organizing a dull fundraiser through the online church leadership system for your missions, ministries and community function is a great opportunity. People will happily donate if they are having fun and are more likely to visit your church website to give online after the fundraiser.

Here are the most innovative ideas you can use to make the church fundraiser event a joyful experience for any visitor-

  • Arrange a meeting

In an open space, probably in your church’s garden area or parking, you can create some gaming activities and attractions such as face painting, frost jump, clapping the Zoo, etc. for guests. Let your volunteers help guests by arranging booths and tables. Use your church leadership system to keep track of what volunteers are doing and communicate with them when needed.

Fund-raising approach – The best part is that you can set up a small stand for donations with information about the programs or groups you raise money for. You can also charge a small fee on the games to cover your expenses for organizing the event.

  • Sponsor for Rummage Sale

Most of us have some things in our houses that we no longer need because we have bought better alternatives to these possessions. How should your community people get rid of the useless things that are housed?

The church can contribute by offering space for advertising and selling their goods. Decorate your sales space, as a party is going on, highlight the booths with the names of items that will be sold and play music to entertain the visitors. You can also serve soft drinks and food items such as pizza, hot dogs at concessions. This time, too, you need to create a donation table that details how effectively you spend the money donated.

Fund-raising approach – Every seller in the game of game can pay you fees for using your space; in the case of people making huge requests, small fraction of their profits. Instead of collecting money from the vendors individually, you can use ChMs to receive their offers instead of asking them physically.

  • Let members show off their hidden talents

Ask your members if they have a hobby where they are skilled and ready to share on stage, such as painting, dancing, singing, etc. Hold an event this weekend and record the best performances. Use your ChMs to register participants and to know what members to perform and when (the sequence). Communicate with members to motivate them before the event, in addition, ask for props they need and whether the church will / will not provide them.

Fund-raising approach – If your community is huge, do auditions to filter the best artists. Use your ChMs to inform the date and time of the auditions. When the auditions are over, inform people who are selected and want to perform using ChMs (to save precious time). The performances will certainly be huge, so charge an entry fee, and at the end of the event, awareness spreads as to why you conducted the fundraising event.

To make it more thematic while sending the invitations from your ChMs, mention the name of the artist and the event. In this way, the members can become stars for a day and the event will also promote the church.

Above are some funky church fundraising ideas that can also be used by other non-profits. The charity can use charity management software to conduct a fundraiser event more effectively. It is important for the churches to raise money in a better way that creates great memories for the community.