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SoPact’s mission is to enable all organizations and programs to assess their impact on people and the environment to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future. Our dashboard allows aggregated and customized data management and visualization (

This new method for influencing data identification, collection and management will change the way people understand social impact. We hope to communicate reality on the ground through complex data. Our data directory includes more than 4,000 impact indicators from IRIS, UN SDG and other expert indicator reports.

Impact Cloud makes impact measurement and management simple

For everyone at SoPact, our vision is to simplify the work across industries by jointly creating a globally recognized impact assessment and management framework to make the world a better place. In 2015, our journey began with a mission to connect the social sector with technology to promote more transparent social impact assessment, management and communication.

Today, we are not only empowering social sectors, but also empowering all sectors of the entire spectrum. With our SaaS platform, we enable companies to more easily measure, manage, and communicate impact. We are closing the gap between beneficiaries on the ground and the highest decision makers.

By using technology to organize, discover, evaluate, and manage data, we are turning capital into high-impact investment. The impact can be tracked before the last beneficiary of the system. This will make it easier to manage the risks of negative or unintended consequences, and give power to influence changes in behavior, organizations and systems, policies, capabilities, social norms and awareness.

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