Insurers are seeing up to a 40% drop in non-covid medical claims

MUMBAI: Insurance companies have reported a drastic drop in medical claims by policyholders during the nationwide shutdown. Overcoming almost all disorders – digestive problems for psychiatric or even cancer-related treatments – is greatly reduced through shutdown, trends shared with ET by leading insurers showed.

Business experts believe that the reduced number of claims is largely due to concerns among patients about visiting hospitals, and many patients delay non-essentials. operations to help prevent infections. In addition, the number of accidents has been reduced.

“We have seen a 30-40% drop in non-covid medical claims made in hospitals during the first few weeks after the shutdown,” said Bhargav Dasgupta, CEO of ICICI Lombard. “The number of Covid-related claims would be beyond these routine requirements.”

This is also reflected in the trends shared by other leading insurers. Independent health player Max Bupa Health Insurance, for example, said that although the highest claims in April come from admissions due to unavoidable conditions such as genitalia (highest in chronic renal failure), cancer and childbirth; requirements for these respective ratios decreased by 40%, 42% and 45% compared to March.

Allegations of other common conditions such as infectious, digestive, and respiratory-related diseases also witnessed a fall in April.

“Requirements for planned operations and hospitalization for common disorders have been reduced by more than half,” said Anika Agarwal, director and head of marketing, digital and direct sales at Max Bupa. “Customers postpone scheduled operations and these will return to normal or even spike when the Covid situation temporarily settles down.”

In the meantime, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance have seen claims greater than diseases related to digestive, psychiatric, musculoskeletal, ophthalmologist, ENH, injury, pulmonary and skin condition “fall dramatically”.

For example, as of March 31, claims for psychiatric illnesses decreased by 100%, requirements for muscle and bone disorders decreased by 90%, and claims for digestive problems decreased by approx. 75%.

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