Interesting MATLAB Simulink Training Offerings

The MATLAB Simulink course is conducted for beginners in the engineering industry who are new to systems, algorithm and design validation. Simulink design is the procedure used for the development of block diagrams, graphs and truth tables.

The Eligibility Criteria for enrollment to this course is as under:

  • A student studying in their 3rd or 4th year of BE /B.Tech course like Telecommunications, Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer Science, IT and Chemical Technology.


  • Professionals from chemical and other embedded systems

The content prepared for imparting the course includes all the phases right from programming to scripting. Topics like

  • The fundamentals of the MATLAB applications
  • Simulink products
  • Processing of the data
  • Code generation
  • Usage of systems and designs.

The course content gives a complete overview of the step-by-step procedure for modeling and simulation techniques required to develop applications for embedded systems.

During the training period, the trainers will majorly focus on the below topics to give their students a precise understanding of the MATLAB Simulink course:

  • How to generate, validate and deploy embedded code?
  • How to design using systems and modeling?
  • Concepts of masking, constructing truth tables?
  • Concept of Simulink and its products?
  • Plotting of command, images and usage of GUI tool?
  • How to use DFT and FFT techniques?
  • Implementation of Algorithms in MATLAB ?
  • Utilization of MATLAB skills in their respective fields?

Offerings from the Training:

  • Triggers the Brain Power
  • Enables the students to learn the usage of contemporary tools and techniques
  • Provides up to date Course Content
  • Provides clear and concise instruction manuals
  • Online / Classroom Trainings

While the subjects taught in the course compel the student to use his or her brain power to find out solutions to complex problems faced by the industry, the content matter is prepared in such a manner that the students gain in-depth knowledge on the contemporary tools and techniques they will use in their practical life. The study material is full of updated content on the various subjects. The instruction manuals providing the training are precise and concise such that there is no scope for ambiguity in the student’s minds. The methods used to administer the course vary from online channels to classroom training. While online mode of learning has many advantages for the learner, the classroom model has its own advantages. It all depends on the student which mode of learning he prefers. If he prefers an interactive mode then classroom learning would be best for him, but if he likes to study at his own pace, the online learning model would be best.

Source by Harish Desai