Internet Webmaster Costs – Should You Outsource Web Site Management?

The costs of a webmaster

If you have a website and are considering hiring someone to manage that website, you should consider the cost of hiring a webmaster. Compared to the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time worker, outsourcing your website management needs to a professional webmaster can make a lot more sense.

How much does a webmaster cost?

This is a bit of a loaded question. The answer is as simple as it is complicated … it depends! Each website has different management needs, so the costs of managing it will vary by website.

Webmasters also charge different fees. Some base it on a standard hourly rate, while others offer monthly or annual packages. You could see prices online ranging from $ 10 an hour for an international webmaster to several thousand a month for a professional webmaster targeting just a few customers.

The thing to remember is that in this market you really get what you pay for in webmasters. For $ 10 an hour, you’re most likely considering someone abroad who works in a different time zone, offers only a limited number of options under management, and manages a hundred or more customers at a time. For several thousand dollars a month, you can expect a dedicated webmaster with few other customers and a wide range of services.

Outsourcing versus direct rental

One of the considerations is whether you want to outsource or hire internally. Here the cost difference can be even greater. Let’s look at an example …

According to, the average salary for a webmaster can range from $ 45,000 to more than $ 105,000 per year depending on location and experience. Add to that the cost of employee benefits, such as insurance and retirement, and the extra taxes required for social security and unemployment, and you can see how the costs can really add up!

If outsourcing to a professional webmaster can range from $ 10 an hour to several thousand a month, you can see annual costs from less than $ 1,000 to more than $ 30-40,000 a year depending on your needs, the services offered by the webmaster and the number of customers the webmaster works with. The more the webmaster charges, they should offer more options and work with fewer customers, giving you more exclusive attention.

With Widgets Galore, John is looking for someone to manage their company’s website. They need a website administrator to update the content weekly, optimize their content and keep the software up to date. Adding social content and email marketing would be secondary needs if their budget can handle it. After doing some research, John has found a professional webmaster who works with just a handful of customers with a monthly cost of about $ 600 to meet all their needs. With a simple calculation, this webmaster’s annual cost would cost John’s company only $ 7,200 a year, much less than hiring a full-time employee or even a part-time employee. Considering the wide difference in costs, you should seriously consider considering a webmaster service to hire an employee to manage your organization’s website.

Source by Edward Nailor