iPod Classic crashes or reboots when starting Genius

Are you using the Genius application to manage or organize your music files on iPod Classic? If yes then you may face a situation where your iPod crashes every time you launch this application. This behavior can make your Genius playlists inaccessible. It can lead to critical situations of file loss from iPod. At this point, you should restore lost files from the most recent backup. However, if the backup is not available or has not been updated, iPod Data Recovery is the only way to go.

Genius is an exciting new feature for Apple’s most popular portable media player – the iPod. It creates custom playlists from music files in iTunes library, which are perfectly matched together. The Genius playlists are stored in iTunes and you can sync them to your iPod. You can also create and edit Genius playlists in iPod classic.

Sometimes when you sync your iPod Classic with iTunes, you may not be able to create or edit Genius playlists with a few songs using the device. At the same time, you may also encounter various error messages, similar to the following:

– “This song does not have enough related songs to make a Genius playlist”

– “Genius is not available for the selected song”

You may encounter a number of other problems while working with Genius on iPod. In a practical scenario, your iPod may crash or restart when you launch Genius applications from a song that is playing.


This problem can occur due to application crash, corrupted playlists, iPod drive issues and missing system files. In all these situations, you cannot access the music files from your iPod Classic.


You can try to solve these problems by restoring your iPod to factory settings. It’s like formatting a storage medium i.e. hard drive and USB stick. While this method is capable of bypassing most iPod disk related and other issues, it will delete all data from iPod disk and lead to critical file loss situations.

Due to these problems with your iPod, you need iPod recovery solutions. You can recover iPod data successfully with the help of third party applications known as iPod Data Recovery Software. They perform a thorough scan of the entire iPod drive to retrieve all lost, missing and inaccessible multimedia files from it. With a simple graphical user interface and non-destructive behavior, the applications are completely easy and safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the most advanced solution to recover lost songs, pictures and videos from your iPod drive. The software works well with iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle. It is available in two different versions for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating system.