Is your ‘best’ the ‘best manager’?

Companies strive to develop their best staff to be promoted as ‘managers’. The point to consider is whether the employee selected to be the manager based on his domain expertise is also a great leader who benefits the best from his subordinates.

The team is an integral part of any company. Many teams form a unit, many units a department and many departments a company. Therefore, it is clear that a manager plays an important role in the overall business productivity. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to ensure that not only do companies carefully select the best staff to be managers, but also adhere to certain standards of measurement to measure their effectiveness from time to time so that they remain the “best”.

The best manager is someone who has the following traits:

Energetic: The energy of a leader must sink down to different levels and each of his team members must feel the positive energy.

Priorities: Prioritizing the projects and tasks is one of the manager’s main responsibilities. Subordinates look up to their ‘boss’ if the boss behaves confidently and not easily confused.

Communication: Effective communication is the key to avoiding many misunderstandings. Clarity solves many problems that may arise.

Motivate and listen: Motivating the teammates and patiently listening to their thoughts, ideas and suggestions gives the subordinates a really happy feeling. They feel like they are part of the team and then they always think of ways to improvise things.

Democratic Leadership: Democratic leadership is critical to deriving work from team members, keeping subordinates productive and engaged. The best manager must be a leader who gives authority and ownership to his team members, guides them when they need it, and not micro-novels.

Praise for work: An attitude toward credit rather than an attitude toward credit counts matters a lot. A boss should not look for an opportunity to take credit, but rather he must acknowledge the efforts of his teammates so that they remain productive and committed.

Cohesion: Cohesion is the ability to tie different pieces together into one. The ‘best’ must have the expertise to coordinate and manage the various pieces or tasks that may be interdependent or interdependent.

Domain Expertise: Domain expertise remains at the core of his skills, knowing the entire process and the work he will assign to his team members.

Therefore, management effectiveness should be measured across various parameters ranging from his and his team’s productivity, his contribution to the firm’s overall goals (in terms of aspects other than productivity, such as new ideas and its implementation, innovation, creation of improved processes, etc. .), and the level of employees engaged in his team. The higher score gives you your “Best Manager”.