It’s time to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2

It’s been over 2.5 years since eBay and Magento split. Immediately after the split, Magento released a newer version of the platform. As often happens, the crisis brings out the best in individuals. As Magento was getting sold out, the teams had to think outside the box. They had to bring in fresh ideas as the shields were lifted by eBay.

However, let’s not judge the great release of Magento from an irrational approach. Well, yes, they had to create a product with the startup mindset. And that’s when benefits stretch their muscles. However, when we analyze some of the features covered in Magento 2 as a Magento Extensions developer, there is no doubt that it is an enhanced version between the two.

Here are some of the key features of Magento 2.x:

A) Magento 2 – Tomorrow:

If you manage your webshop on the Magento 1.x platform, there are certain performance issues you have to face. You can more efficiently manage issues such as page load time, security fixes, image optimization and heavy JavaScripts using Magento 2.x.

Third-party modules on the server

Using Magento 2.x, store owners do not require installing third-party modules on the server.

Page load time and security fixes

Using Magento 2.x, store owners can increase site speed as it supports the latest version of PHP. And they already have security fixes.

image Optimization

With Magento 1.x you have to optimize the images manually. However, Magento 2.x has built-in functions to control image optimization without external support.

Reduced JavaScript

A great relief. A critical improvement for UX is the accompanying JavaScript. It ensures that the developers do not require boring and unnecessary browser operations for the same.

B) Search engine friendly and better for security:

In terms of these two critical backend requirements, Magento 2.x is far ahead compared to Magento 1.x. The password hastening algorithms effectively protect the site. The built-in rich snippets for the category pages help improve the overall page optimization process.

C) A brand new admin panel:

Improved information retrieval, store management and cross-admin navigation processes

Easier flow for uploading products and with Pictures & text, you can now upload videos as well

Magento 2.x Dashboard shows top and least searched items, recent orders, average order amount, top selling products, premium customers, products you need to send & total quantity, tax data etc.

Managing customers against order columns from front end without the help of developers

Advanced Content Sharing

Advanced data import feature

Magento 1.x data migration tool for Magento 2.x data

New section on SEO tools, promotions, user content, etc.

D) Shared database performance solution (Enterprise Edition only)

Magento 2 uses different main databases for orders, checkout and product data. It also for all different functional areas. This allows store owners to improve the scalability and performance of their site. But you can only use this feature if you buy Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento CE (Community Edition) uses only one database.

Better productivity

Magento 2.x has the potential to help you expand your company’s horizons and help you manage your store to the best of your ability. It has a new admin panel design that offers an interface to your site. You can use the newly introduced Visual Design Editor and set up blocks and containers on your site without any technical know-how.

Improved scalability

Magento 2.x comes with improved indexes with effective updates. It increases the performance of your site by speeding up the query speed. Magento 2.x and Varnish Cache are integrated, which means you can reduce server load and speed up page load time. Admin users can also create and edit products without worrying about data conflicts.

Better conversions

With Magento 2.x, buyers are assured of a great shopping experience. E-store owners can display their products with description, pictures and videos. As the site is responsive, they can browse it from any device, including smartphone, tablet or PC. This helps to increase conversion rates extensively.

Easy and reasonable upgrades

Magento 2.x has updated information on upgrade compatibility and versioning policies. So apart from improving the basic Magento software, installing and upgrading Magento 2.X is simpler compared to Magento 2.x. The export / import functionality of Magento 2.x allows you to export customer data, records as well as inventory data and import them into Magento 2.x.

Quick theme customization

When it comes to the theme core, Magento 2.x uses its own LESS and CSS instead of Bootstrap. It also supports the CSS processing that helps speed up page load, increase performance and make your system SEO compliant.

Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x is always a good decision to make as it provides better returns for business people. And just so you know, Magento will only support the M1 until November 2018. After that you will rarely get any updates from the M1 in features or functionalities.

Magento 2.X is the next big thing for e-store owners and Magento Developers. If you want to get the most out of the improvement this platform offers, now is the right time. Do you have questions about the migration? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.