Learning the R programming language is essential for data scientists

R is an open source programming language that has quickly gained widespread popularity in the statistical software industry. Millions of statisticians and data scientists around the world use this language, so its popularity is expected to increase rapidly in the next few years. R can be viewed as a statistical analysis package, which includes all types of models, tests and analyses used to manipulate and manage data. Those who want to develop a career in the field of data science should definitely choose R programming training.

Why R programming language is popular among data scientists

R provides enterprises with the most complete and advanced business analysis tools that can help them use data in the most effective way. The following discusses some reasons why data scientists prefer it:

Open source

The best part about R is that it is open source. This means that it can be easily downloaded and used from the Internet. In addition, people who use R can freely modify the code and even add their own innovations. There are no license restrictions, it is issued under the General Public License (GNU).

Advanced statistical capabilities

There is no doubt that R stands out among the best measurable programming languages ​​used by some analysts worldwide to make their lives easier and bring more benefits. People who are proficient in the language can easily handle complex objects, maintain code accuracy and track all calculation steps.

Cross-platform compatibility

The R programming language is cross-platform compatible, which means it can run on different operating systems and different hardware / software. When it comes to mainframe operating systems, R is also compatible with a few operating systems, which undoubtedly gives it an advantage in other languages.


R provides more than 4,800 software packages from different repositories related to bioinformatics, data mining, spatial analysis and econometrics. As a result, programmers using R can use different methods to achieve the required statistical calculations or graphical models.

Huge community

As more and more companies adopt R, they have developed a huge community over the years. These similar individuals with similar encounters will gain a lot of valuable expansion in dialogue gatherings, online networks, R meetings, and other system management channels. By using these dynamic gatherings conducted by R, researchers and experts can clearly understand the meaning of R, the favorable environment of R, and how to use the significant components of R in their professions.

Those who are willing to participate in advanced business analysis training will definitely benefit from the R language certification and improve their career choices.


Source by Jiya Verma