Lockdown: Business correspondent reaches the door to customers to help them withdraw money

Sumi Khatun, and ‘business correspondent‘of State Bank of India moving around several villages in West BengalBirbhum district to help people make modest withdrawals or deposit money during COVID-19 induced closure. Sumi, who has been given permission by the administration to cover about 50km distance in the district with a large number of farmers, raises day laborers in an e-rickshaw crossing Lohapur-Nalhati areas.

When Sumi was chosen as a business correspondent in the first week of April to help the small savings holders in their time of need and get permission for outsourcing, Sumi saw how elderly and disabled people had to wait for hours at her kiosk in the scorching heat and decided to reach out to them in their households. “It’s allowed by our bank, and after talking to our bank director, I decided to reach our clients’ doorstep on my own,” she told reporters on Sunday. The 30-year-old carries a laptop, fingerprint scanner and about $ 50,000 cash during her trip and is never afraid of her safety “as I know I am within my family.”

Shamima Begum, a 65-year-old woman working as a maid in a house, said, “She has turned out to be another daughter of mine. When I desperately needed Rs 1,000 but could not go all the way to the SBI branch due to physical obstacles, I was contacted by Sumi who promised to visit my residence and she came on Saturday. “Shamima was among the 70 villagers so far benefited from Sumi’s service, more remarkable since the 100-day projects are has come to nothing because of the shutdown that causes serious hardship to the villagers, a significant number of them Muslims, during the month of Ramzan.

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