LTO3: How You Are Subconsciously Tricking Yourself Into Losing Your Crucial Data

Did you know that almost all companies (93%, to be exact) that lose their aggregate data for a period of 10 or more days end up filing bankruptcy within a year of the disaster? This is based on data from the US Archives and Records Administration. You certainly do not want to deliberately destroy your business, but you can actually do it unconsciously.

So many people overlook the simple aspect of data backup which can be easily done by creating a data management system using LTO3 cartridges. Certainly, it is not that people intend to lose their precious data, but it is often a subconscious game of Russian roulette.

I. You have high quality equipment that you do not expect to fail

Many organizations and individuals will often buy high-quality tech gadgets that are designed to last a long time and withstand unnecessary wear and tear. This shows that they do not consciously intend to lose their precious data. However, the problem arises when you have no fail-safe mechanism in the possibility of your equipment failing.

You need to consider a viable backup system to protect your information. In this regard, you have various options, including: physical tape offsite backups or online cloud backups. When you have a good backup plan that follows the best industry practices, your information and business would be so much more secure.

II. You don’t think your information is valuable enough

Maybe the information you have is not too valuable. There is nothing sensitive about it; it does not appear to require a backup. However, you should consider the amount of time and effort you will spend trying to recover or rebuild such information when you lose it. This is the time, effort and cost that you can use to deal with other issues.

Another issue that you should avoid is storing your data only in one place on your device. You must have at least more than one copy of your documents. You do not want to spend more time trying to repeat a previously completed task in case the original gets deleted or irreversibly changed.

III. You have a flawlessly organized system

When everything goes as planned, you are not likely to worry about disasters. However, even a well-organized and properly planned system can go wrong. It would be so unfortunate if you were waiting for an accident to consider creating a backup system.

Although many people tend to ignore data backup, it is a crucial aspect of IT. If you want your business to continue running with small interruptions, always create a data backup system. Your future stability in your organization will greatly depend on the integrity of your information storage systems.

Perhaps your indifference to the concept of data backup has to do with your perception of the problem. You may think that it is a really complicated thing or that it requires a certain level of expertise beyond what you can handle. Well, the simple explanation is that backup basically involves making one or more copies of your data.