Machine learning opens the roadmap to a successful and sweet career

PROSPECTS in the field of machine learning

The outlook is extremely good and high. There are two perspectives in computer science that are described as follows:

a) One side includes data cleansing, drilling deep into the analysis and understanding the key performance indicators along with visualization capabilities. This can be done through some basic statistics and regression models

b) The second perspective includes predictable models and optimization; the complex side of machine learning.

Career in machine learning is not an easy task: requires a lot of effort and time

Career requires a lot of self-learning. The aspects to be remembered as a beginner are as follows:

a) The theoretical aspects associated with Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Second Machine Learning Theory are required to be properly understood to gain an in-depth knowledge of them.

b) ‘Learning by doing’ is a famous saying that the theoretical aspects can be understood effectively and deeply if these concepts are practically applied. Programming in languages ​​such as R, Python, etc .; working with the databases; handling of big data, methods and techniques; practically experience data quarreling and visualization of the results in the form of reports, etc.


Getting jobs in this field requires a lot of experience. The relevant work experience can be gained by working in junior positions in companies that perform a lot of analytical work. If you are experiencing analytics, you can go from a data analyst to a data scientist or machine learning.

Work experience hardly matters at startup because they require those who strive for self-learning ability.

The workplaces where you are engaged are trying to find the projects that involve machine learning. It is not necessary to work on the projects associated with your job profile; you can work overtime by working on some projects that are unrelated to your job profile but fit your skills perfectly. It allows you to make a good impression on your boss, which will further lead to promotions. It can lead to a change in your role in the organization. This will lead you to the roadmap for your career in this field.

In this way, work experience can be gained by making you eligible for the reputed jobs of the largest wealth companies in this field.

The job profiles associated with machine learning include Software Engineer, Software Developer and Data Scientist, etc. The average salary package for a machine learning engineer amounts to $ 1,000,000 per year. The salary package varies with the amount of work experience you gain and the skill sets you acquire year by year.

Always try to learn more and more. The new stuff allows you to explore the new areas of your workplace. Never stop learning.