Marketing For New Online Business With Blogs – Blog Your Way To Traffic Heaven!

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a new internet business owner looking for marketing advice. Or maybe you are considering joining an MLM program or a cash gift club and looking for information on how to market your opportunity. Either way, blogging is one of the best ways for you to get started in the online business community.

A blog (short for weblog) is an online journal that contains regular comments, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video. Blogs could be about anything from strict personal life observations to pop culture gossip.

So why should an Internet entrepreneur like yourself maintain a blog? It’s quite simple. Blogs are a GREAT way for you to increase traffic to your business website while creating a trusting relationship with your readers. The ultimate goal of your blog should be to increase the visibility of your web business website, NOT to sell products or services. If you try to “plug in” a sales pitch in the middle of your blog, at least readers will be resigned and abandoned, and at worst, they will mark your blog as spam or inappropriate content. On the other hand, if you provide high quality content, a large majority of your readers will pay you back by checking your option.

The other great added bonus of posting blogs is that they create what are called “back-links” to your site, which is something that search engine spiders look for when determining the ranking of a given site in the search rankings. More blogs = higher ranking in Google and Yahoo! search engines.

So how do you write a quality blog? How can you attract prospects to your online business without blatantly “selling” them anything? No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. The key is to write your blog in a way that is not gradually “sold” but “helps” the potential customers to make their choice in favor of your product / service / opportunity.

Let’s say your company sells electronic cookbooks. You might think it would be best to write a blog like this:

“ is EVERYTHING an aspiring chef could only dream of!

For just $ 9.99 get HUNDREDS of receipts, including rare dishes from Taiwan and Morocco!

Surprise your guests by whipping our famous chocolate-strawberry souflee!

Create incredibly tasty meals for the whole family in 20 minutes or less! “

You get the idea. There are a few major issues with this blog. It sounds a lot like an ad and does not provide any educational content and it is likely to be flagged or ignored by a majority of readers. It is also an extremely weak piece in terms of search engine rankings because it has no “keywords” in it. Keywords and key phrases are what a person types when searching for things on Google and Yahoo. In the example of cookbooks, they will look for “the best Indian food cookbook”, “electronic cookbook reviews”, “best chinese receptions” and other such key phrases.

Think about what you have to offer that is unique and interesting. Maybe using the cookbook example is your exotic, Ethiopian food receptions. Then it would be a good idea to target this audience by offering a blog like this:

“Ethiopian food – is it the right choice for your family? Receptions, cooking tips, etc.

Ethiopian cuisine consists of spicy dishes of vegetables and meats served on top of the injera, a large leavened flatbread. Ethiopians eat with their right hands using pieces of injera to pick up bites of entrées and side dishes. No tools are used.

Ethiopian cuisine is gaining popularity with families in America: the children are allowed to eat with their hands while receiving a highly nutritious meal packed with lean protein and vitamins.

So is Ethiopian food the right choice for your family? You decide! Here is an easy to prepare recipe for one of the most popular Ethiopian dishes provided by

The recipe is here. “

A few notes on this blog: it provides something of value for free that many people will appreciate; it also contains many key phrases from search engines such as “Ethiopian dish”, “Ethiopian cousin”, etc., which greatly increases the chances of this blog being found on the Internet.

Once your first post is written, create an account with as many of the major blog pages as you can. It is a very good idea to post your blog on at least 6-7 blog pages (you may want to use a blog broker). If you are not yet connected to an online business opportunity, be sure to ask your team leaders for blog help. For example, I provide a list of the best blog and article sites for my team along with detailed tips on how to post the blogs effortlessly. Remember that the more blogs you write, the more will go to your site. I would recommend writing a blog every other day for the first month after your start / join an opportunity.

I hope this was helpful to you! I wish you the best of luck in your blog endeavors.