MCN 2012: Development of an integrated collection cataloging and management system

Speaker: Jane Alexander, Director of Information Management and Technical Services, Cleveland Museum of Art; Andrea Bour, Analyst of Collection Information Data, Cleveland Museum of Art; Niki Krause, Application Service Manager, Cleveland Museum of Art In 1996, Cleveland Museum of Art developed a collection management system in Sybase , The system supports management functions, but the least support for object classification. For more than three years, the museum has conducted an in-depth inquiry process, which is intended to select a commercial collection management system, but none of them meet 80% of the development needs. This development is based on a comprehensive browser-based collection classification and management system based on the Sharepoint document sharing platform It can serve as a source of information on all collected objects containing the best features of the museum legacy system Apelles.

The new system includes a CDWA-compliant object directory with API-integrated permissions control, citation history and research bibliography. Loan management, exhibition planning and protection modules; service request modules for mobile, photography, and status reports; document management for all business processes and shared online work areas; and fully compatible with museum digital asset management systems, Piction, and library catalogs integrated. The team will explore challenges in developing collection classification and management systems.

Presented at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, Washington, on Friday, November 9th. website

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