Microsoft Great Plains in Construction & Building – Highlights Implementation and Customization

Microsoft Great Plains could be set and configured to fit most of the horizontal markets. You can distribute third-party modules or build your own custom logic in Great Plains Dexterity. Today we will look at the possibilities of automating construction and construction. We try to use technical language understood by programmer, technical consultant, IT system / database administrator, web developer.

o Project oriented business. Construction company is project oriented. You incur expenses, labor, inventory against the building and stick to the budget to meet the expected profits. Microsoft Great Plains has project accounting module with budgeting, spending, inventory, labor. If you need phases with their budgets – you should probably look for one of the third party project modules, e.g. WennSoft JobCost. If you are established with years of history – you may still use such a legacy (and very effective in phase function) Project module as Intellisol Project Accounting – in this case you are looking to convert it to either Great Plains Project Accounting or other current third party module.

o Financing. Builders usually fund the projects. When you budget for construction projects – you need automatic estimation of financing costs. This is the MS SQL Server stored procedure, incorporated into the Great Plains Dexterity Adaptation to Project Accounting module.

or sales. It is a natural way to repay the property if prospective clients are willing to finance it or pay upfront for the future property. In Great Plains Receipt Management (SOP) or Sales Order Processing (SOP) modules, you must have a discount on offer / invoice. The discount amount is based on the construction phase

or warranty. A certain percentage must be placed for warranty and payment to repair crews or subcontractors. Microsoft Great Plains has the Field Service Suite of repair automation logic / functionality modules. Expect the need to customize it via Great Plains Dexterity or Great Plains Modifier with VBA

o Adaptation technologies. Microsoft Great Plains is built with Great Plains Dexterity – these are former programming languages ​​for Great Plains Software and IDE, it was designed in the early 1990s. Skill allows your customization to work the Great Plains graphic environment and security area. VBA / Modifier – it’s for easy customization of existing Great Plains screens – you can place your custom button through Modifier and then attach VBA script to this button – feel free to use ADO to connect to the database. Web Applications – Yours Can Distribute eConnect to Integrate Great Plains Objects into Your Web Application – eConnect was originally designed for eCommerce developers. Crystal Reports – is the selected reporting tool.

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