Oracle Chain plans Demantra Demand Management

To meet uncertain and variable demand, ensure that all demand signals are captured at the correct level of detail, utilize the demand and its underlying correlations and factors that influence demand patterns, and ensure that all key stakeholders are involved and responsible for continuous and make this forecast action-free and drive all downstream planning processes. Oracle Demantra Demand Management allows you to arrive at a single, accurate consensus forecast.

A consensus plan built on a more accurate forecast adjusts all your organizations and users so you can be more demand-driven. Built-in analytics and adaptability automatic capabilities for business processes enable a wide range of daily decisions with real-time demand intelligence.

Oracle Demantra Demand Management allows you to record demand from multiple data sources, including point of sale and syndicated data, and analyze demand data at various levels to understand the detailed behavior of demand. Such a detailed understanding of the origins and relative contribution of different requirements both enhance your ability to predict the detailed behavior you require and enable demand shaping activities – programs and events designed to stimulate sales and increase market share for individual products or product groups.

Improve forecast accuracy through advanced analysis and improved consensus

Better real-time demand is only useful if you can translate it into a more accurate forecast. Oracle Demantra Demand Management and its patented Bayesian analytical forecast engine generate the most accurate forecasts possible. Automated algorithms automatically combine nine industry standard and proprietary forecasting models, mixed in an infinite number of combinations to handle a wide range of product life cycles and demand patterns including intermittent demand. This produces a forecast that meets seasonality, promotions, trends and other causal factors simultaneously. Causal relationships and other analytical parameters are automatically maintained at appropriate hierarchical levels where statistically relevant and sufficient data points are available. Self-learning and self-adaptation algorithms combine the different models to maximize predictive accuracy (rather than historical fit) and to respond to changing market conditions. Oracle Demantra Demand Management hides statistical complexity for demand planners (“PhD in a box”) and executives, yet they can be largely modeled by statisticians as needed for your business.

Oracle Demantra Demand Management provides a robust workflow-driven collaboration paradigm across all components. Each participant gets the information tailored to their need to be able to make key decisions. The system keeps an audit trail of all changes, notices that capture key decisions and assumptions and generate exceptions to ensure responsiveness.

Integrated with Oracle Demand Signal Repository to utilize POS data

Demantra Demand Management can receive sales data directly from the Oracle Demand Signal Repository, enabling a real-time demand registration paradigm that captures demand signals closer to the point of consumption.

Collaborate with your most important customers – Collaborative Forecasts

Demantra Demand Management enables easy and efficient collaboration with your customers so you can improve your forecasting of demand. Customers can gain secure access to only their data for more efficient collaboration. When implemented with Oracle Collaborative Planning, you can enable a collaborative forecasting process when you publish sales forecasting data to key vendors and contract manufacturers.