Oracle Training – What to Expect

Most advanced computer systems use databases, and while other database management systems are also widely used, most large organizations love Oracle, which is considered to be much more secure and highly effective. The latest version of Oracle, 11g, comes with great new features, making it perform even better and easier to optimize than its predecessor. Most IT companies are willing to pay good salaries to a skilled Oracle developer, which explains the popularity of the Oracle certification courses.

One of these courses is the “Backup and Restore 10g and 11g” course, which is offered to IT professionals and is considered a critical step towards their certification. The course is best suited for database administrators and database warehouse administrators and has a wide range of objectives. By attending this course, you will learn how to create good backup and recovery procedures, use the Recovery Manager to perform the necessary operations, use the Oracle Flashback technologies and install the Oracle Secure Backup. Also covered are the Oracle Secure Backup to perform file system backup and recovery, manage the Oracle Secure Backup environment, create duplicate databases, and monitor and tune the Recovery Manager.

Each of these major topics is broken down into smaller topics, and the course begins with an introduction section that introduces the public to the backup and recovery methods and strategies. Then, each of the objectives is discussed in detail, with the training starting with Configuration for recovery, continuing with using RMAN to backup and perform recovery, and continuing with the topics on Flashback technology. After almost all topics are covered, emphasis is placed on backup security and user access, administrative server security technology and certificate authority, and encrypted backups are discussed in detail. While you may be tempted to handle some of this material yourself, you can greatly benefit from signing up for a backup and recovery lesson, where an experienced instructor can present the material to a small group and help you learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Source by Peter Kerl