Power motivation for successful financial management

Don’t let the rising cost of fuel and expenses steal your dream of financial success!


I would like to take the time to share some positive information on one of the most important issues that I can deal with when it comes to successful living, especially in these financially unstable times, and this is the topic of successful financial management . I’ve known people who have made a significant amount of money in their professional lives, but because they didn’t have a financial plan, they spent more than they made, thought that income would last forever (and of course it often doesn’t), and they ended up owing thousands of dollars in debt and taxes to the government. I want to help people avoid these types of problems, if at all possible, it is not only extremely simple but extremely possible. After all, it is not how much you earn that counts, but how much you keep and how much you give to worthy causes!

I am convinced that most people have all the ingredients in them to:

1.) pay their bills

2.) get out of debt,

3.) Make smart investments in their financial future.


My job is to pull it out of you by providing you with a motivational challenge along with a simple system for your success that literally anyone can implement in their life in this crucial area. Most people believe that the task is to complicate and be the subject of big ones, making it impossible for the average person without the education of a financial planner to succeed in their personal finances. While we certainly advocate that a person take the time to study the subject and consult with professionals, we believe that a person should take ownership of their own financial success or failure because no one will care about it as much. like you! The key points are that you have to take responsibility for you and yours, and with a simple system you can literally perform the task in about 120 seconds a day! That’s right, I say you can pay your bills, get out of debt and make smart investments with only an average daily investment of time, about two minutes a day! I will show you how in this report!

Most people think they need to make more money, and we’re all for it, but that’s not the biggest problem most people face. Most financial problems are caused by poor money management rather than a lack of money. If you do not have a system for managing your money, and if you do not consistently work with this system, you will always find that even as you make more money, your expenses will always increase to meet your income and usually exceed that! I want to share a simple money management system that anyone can use for financial success!

Everyone faces financial difficulties at different times in their lives. This is an economic age that we live in and it is easy to fail in this area of ​​life, but the good news is that even your past failure can give you the wisdom to succeed, and certainly it is a great motivator to succeed next. walk ! You must always remember that your financial past does not have to match your financial future! I have found that wisdom usually comes from experience, and experience usually comes from problems, obstacles and failure. The fact is that it is easy to beat yourself in this area, which usually just makes things worse, but once you have a clear strategy, your attitude will get better and you will get better right away! Some people become arrogant with their financial success, but it is best to be careful and not critical as things can change in a “New York Minute” that many have discovered in the past.

With the advent and invention of credit, it is very easy to spend more than you earn, and most families today live paycheck to paycheck. Most people then live, from crisis to crisis and in survival mode, rather than meet their financial lives courageously, pay themselves first and work an investment plan! Most people find the money to spend on what they really want, but saving money is not a priority. Somewhere, somehow, you must somehow prioritize saving money if you want financial freedom and independence in the future, and I will help you with that!

Most people lack a simple system for successful financial management including a simple savings vehicle. Once this system is learned, implemented, and acted upon, great and positive progress begins to take place!


*** 98% of Americans over the age of 65 are unable to support themselves without the help of government or family members.

*** Fewer men are worth $ 100 at age 65 than at 18.

*** According to the Social Security Administration, people over the age of 65 are 45% dependent on relatives, 30% are living on charity, 23% are still working and only 2% are fully self-sufficient.

*** 85% of the over 50 crowd can’t come up with $ 250 on their own.

*** Most elderly people live their years and feel that they are a burden to society and their families.

*** The biggest cause of stress in a marriage is due to financial pressure. 85% of all marital problems can be traced to financial difficulties.

*** Today’s young people are subject to constant financial pressure due to the emphasis on things in our society. When you start, you can’t have things and money too, because if you want things, you have to exchange money for things. You can’t have both. How many young couples want in their first marriage year, all that it took their parents to gather over a thirty year period and more.

But most of these problems could be solved with a simple financial plan that is worked consistently over time by both parties!

*** 95% of all self-proclaimed financial failures say they lacked a plan for their finances.

Most people are just too busy in their everyday lives, just trying to survive and taking a few minutes a day to ensure their financial success! We really are without apology as there are so many great books, audio tapes and videos on the subject that we could benefit from, but we lack motivation because we are so tired and exhausted by the struggle and stress of our fast lives. It’s one thing to have the answers at our fingertips; it is another thing to take the necessary steps to solve the problem. In this report, you have the system, a complete strategy for financial success, but you must deliver the effort, and I urge you not to expose you, but to apply this system and strategy in your life immediately!

The first step in the process of financial success is finding out where you are now. If you want to fly to Tahiti, you must know the city you are going to travel from. So in your destination for financial freedom, you need to investigate where you are traveling from or what is your financial situation right now. You need to take the time to do a little personal financial analysis. Take a sheet of paper and state all your assets. It does not take much effort, but it is important if you want to design a roadmap to follow to fulfill your financial dreams. Write down everything you can think of, such as Do you own a home, car, property, mutual funds, shares, bonds, does anyone owe you? List all the jewelry and collections, anything and everything of value that you can think of. The idea is to get a realistic financial picture of where you are currently on your financial journey. You take a record of all assets you have that have a financial dimension. When compiling your list, put an economic value next to each item of one dollar amount. Once you are all done, summarize the list and it will be about what you are worth in assets at this point.

Now take another sheet of paper and make a list of all your commitments. In other words, make a list of everything you owe. Most people do not enjoy this part because it is so revealing. Most people don’t know what they have in assets either, and most people don’t really know what they owe in liabilities. This is important in the process of mapping out your new course on financial freedom. Write on your list of responsibilities, every debt you can think of. What you owe on your house, your cars, your visas and charge accounts, any property, even state the family and friends you may owe. Be as thorough as possible so you can get the most accurate financial picture possible.

Then you take the size of your assets and subtract the size of your liabilities and you have a true picture of your net worth! This is necessary to know if you want to increase your net worth. Now that you know where you are, you can set goals and develop strategies that lead you from where you are at the moment to where you really want to be.

Many people will find themselves in the negative balance. It was Donald Trump who had just gone through a financial reversal, and several banks had just put him on a cash control system, wandered down the street and saw a homeless person rummage through the trash when I thought, “well at least I’m not so badass like that guy, “and then I realize,” wait a minute, that guy’s on ‘0’, he doesn’t owe anything when i owe billions! “So if you take status and you hit the negative, don’t feel too bad. If you didn’t feel good after you did, let’s share with you five things that cause financial failure so you can avoid them in the future:

1.) Failure to become financially wealthy. Remember that good things happen on purpose and bad things happen on occasion. You need to make it a priority if you want to make financial independence a reality in your life.

2.) Lack of control over the resources we have available. Everyone has something they can invest to make more money and secure their financial future. Winning the lottery or hitting the right thing probably won’t happen, but if you take the resources you already have and put them to work for you and let the time put together your investment because you have a plan, you can develop significant wealth.

3.) Failure to set financial goals and develop a financial plan with strategies for financial success. Most people spend more time planning a week’s vacation than they do their financial future! It’s a tragedy! Therefore, people fail, they have no specific financial goals, they have no serious financial plan, and therefore they cannot take effective action! It really doesn’t take much action, just action for a few moments, every day!

4.) Failing to leave the money you have and the money you want to create wealth for you. If you are just getting started, your efforts will be mixed every day because of the magic compound interest that works for you in investing over time and against you in debt. Daily activity and action links, like compound interest!

An illustration of the magic of compound interest is that if you were to open a mutual fund account for a five year old child and deposit $ 500 into that account and never add to that account again when that child turns 65 they could have so much like $ 500,000 in that account due to compound interest.

Whatever resources you have right now, invest and let this wonderful asset builder work for you. If you invest properly and wisely, you let your money make money for you even while you sleep!

5.) Not finding out what you love to do and using it to create opportunities to create wealth. So many people are trapped in life, just earning a living instead of creating a life of abundance. People are afraid to let go of the familiar and get out of the corner, even if they hate doing it every day. People continue to work on controlling, manipulating, miserable environments, with unhappy people, with bad attitudes, instead of using their special gifts and talents to create something of value that brings them great pleasure to work on! Find out what you love to do that charges your battery, allow you to then make your life work, and find a way to do what creates wealth for you!

Now that we have discussed how we are failing and have revealed the problems, let’s move on and discuss the positive solutions. The obvious solution is to make more than you spend and invest the difference. Is it ever in-depth? The real trick is how do you do it? That’s exactly what I intend to show you! Basically, there are three things to do:

* Check your out-go first;

** Second, increase your income;

*** Thirdly, pay yourself first!

All it takes is an easy to understand plan, it is also easy to implement, and then a lot of desire on your part, enough desire, that is, to move you into action! Emotions produce movement. So when you are emotionally ill and tired of being crushed, you can create energy and movement to produce stellar results if you have a strategy to focus on and implement in your life! This is the strategy you missed!

Once you have implemented the plan, you will find instant comfort because of the hope created by knowing that you finally have a plan that will get your financial life under control. When you first start paying yourself, you will feel much better as our attitude is usually in direct proportion to our bank account balance. Even if we still have unpaid bills. It is therefore; Again, it is so important to pay yourself first!

My financial success strategy becomes a four-step strategy that is so simple that anyone can do it! A word of warning, however, many good things are missed by many people because we think complicated is better! Still, I have found that the greatest things in life are found in simplicity, and some will miss the power of this system because their frame of reference does not allow them to accept simple solutions! I challenge you to try and test these concepts thoroughly and see them pay dividends in your finances! I have seen many people apply these principles to their lives, and in many cases it has not only allowed them to, pay their bills, get out of debt, become financially free and even start their own business. The sky is the limit, but the results are entirely up to you. So let’s get started on the incredibly effective 4-step strategy for successful financial management.


(Write down everything you own, your house, car, cash, savings, shares, bonds, property, jewelry, collections of personal loans you owe, anything and everything that you can think of.)

____ Item ______________________________ Est. Value

__________________________________________________ Total_________


(Write down everything you owe. What you owe on your house, your cars, your credit card assets., Bank loans, student loans, real estate, even list family and friends that you owe money to. Be as thorough as possible, then get you a realistic financial picture.)

____Item_____________________________Amt. Guilty___ Total_________

Part 2


(The Strategy for Success) instituteofchampions.com

Managing your finances can be divided into four major and critical steps.

1.) You need to reconstruct your expenses daily. The average person has no idea where their money goes because they slip away daily, in small increments. Most people come to the end of the month and find that there is more month than money. How often have I advised people who make good money, but at the end of each month, their bills are unpaid and they have no idea where all this money went. You can never control your out-go until you know exactly where it is going. This is most important to take control of your finances, and if you observe a few seconds a day you will know exactly what is happening. Let me ask you, what exactly did you spend your money on yesterday, the day before, last week or last month? I mean every penny! This is so easy to reconstruct if you do it daily, and impossible to do if you don’t. There is no place for arrogance here. I have known many people at my seminars who confidently stated that they knew exactly where their money was going, and upon closer inquiry they came to the conclusion that they really had no idea! I want to share an easy way to accomplish this simple task.

2.) You need to register your income. Again, most people have no real idea how much money they really have to work with. Many people think they make more money than they do because they have never studied all the deductions from their paychecks. Other people have no idea that they have extra money coming in, such as. A reimbursement from an insurance company, interest yield or other source. If you start focusing on this daily and start recording it daily, your mind will even automatically start searching for new ways to increase your income and it is powerful! If you can’t control what you are already getting into, at least knowing exactly how much it really is, how will you even benefit from an increase when it happens? You need to prepare to increase your income by registering it daily as it comes in, start now!

3.) You must review your commitments daily! Most people make the fatal financial mistake of only looking at their bills on the first or the fifteenth, depending on their payday. If you remember, we have previously shared the principle that whatever you look at daily is what you want to do. If you take the time to look at your commitments daily and keep them at the forefront of your mind, you will find that your brain will discover all kinds of creative ways to pull your debt. This concept is so powerful you will not believe the mileage you will get out of this when it comes to getting debt free and I will show you how to do it!

4.) You need to reflect on your investments every day. Again, whatever you focus on, you stay. Going to an inspirational investment seminar or reading a good book on the subject, daily focus and daily action is not enough to be critical to success in any endeavor, and much more in this area that is so important to you! If you practice the small, small discipline of focusing on your investments every day, your mind will start to look for good investment opportunities again, and your mind will also find and free up funds to build your investment portfolio for a great future for you. Again, I want to show you how!

Financial success is really the result of simple but good financial habits that are initiated over a period of time and repeated over and over. Rich people have simple habits that are successful, that they have learned and that they just keep doing over and over. Success leaves traces, and once discovered, they work repeatedly if you simply repeat them.

Let’s discuss thoroughly, point number one in my four-point strategy for financial success, that is; Reconstruction of daily expenses. I encourage you to buy a three ring binder to create your simple management plan. The first thing to do is take some plain notebook paper (or make copies of the form I provided in this report), and at the end of each day, simply write the date and then write down everything you spent money on it. day. If you have a spouse, be sure to include them in this exercise. It will only take a few moments. Just ask yourself, “what did we spend our money on today?” Write down everything you can remember, including every cup of coffee, every snack, lunch, dinner, drinks, newspapers, gasoline, groceries, everything you can think of. Doing this for a few minutes at the end of each day before going to sleep will give you a new understanding of where your money is slipping away. At the end of the month, you can then categorize your spending and easily see where you can cut back, making more money to pay your bills and invest.

This simple process makes you accountable to yourself and your spouse; you will find that you want to stop wasting money on non-essentials because you do not want to have to add them to your list at the end of the day. The principle works on the same idea as “Weight Watchers” where they make you write down every thing you eat every day. What an eye opener it is! I guarantee this little discipline will work wonders in your life if you only work on it. Your mind automatically starts to control your spending and you will feel great because you know you are doing the process, all because you are simply aware of what you use on a daily basis. Daily is the key! If you want it to work, it only works if you take that little discipline by doing it daily! At the end of each month (because you want to continue this efficient process), you must have a record for each expense for each day. You don’t have to be smart, but you have to be consistent and thorough.

The other crucial part of my strategy is to record your income. If you go to any office shop, you can pick up some simple ledgers that fit into your laptop behind the notepad. (Or use the form I provided) Start by placing the month at the top or the sheet, and name the sheet “Monthly Income”. Every day, when you take your 120 seconds to get your life under financial control, you have to ask yourself, “did we have any money today?” How about money from a garage sale, or someone who pays you a loan, or a gift from someone, or money from an investment or money back from a refund. Any number of items will apply. If yes, enter it on the ledger sheet. Many days there will be nothing, especially if you get paid twice a month, but get in the habit of asking the question every day, anyway, as your mind will start looking for ways to make money on the list and you will Be amazed at how truly creative you can be in this field. It really works! At the end of the month, your income accumulates so you can really know how much you had to work with and see the amount start to grow each month!

Now let’s discuss the third crucial part of this four-part strategy, namely reviewing all your financial obligations daily. This is where it can get a little negative in the beginning, but soon this list will be a great encouragement for you. Take another sheet of accounting paper and entitle it to “Monthly Commitments”, and include the month as well. Now list all the bills you owe! Start with the most important first, which would probably be you (because you want to pay yourself first, and we suggest that 5-10% is a good place to start). Then list your mortgage or rent, and so on down the line. Dig all your bills and jog your memory and state everything you owe, no matter how painful it may seem.

We have seen people with fifty to sixty items on their list at the beginning, and after a few months the list will shrink and shrink until eventually there will only be about fifteen items each month which are essential that you always want.

A word of warning … once you have your list filled out, don’t go drinking or consider suicide. It’s not worth it. We said that this is the negative part, and one of the big reasons people never go to financial seminars or ever follow it is that it’s just too painful to see the truth and see how bad things really are is. So we would rather hide our heads in the sand, just like everything else is not exposed! However, this is a crucial step as everything is about this. Now you are on your way to recovery.

Once you’ve completed your list, take the time to prioritize not only your list, but also identify bills for which you pay the highest interest rate, and bills that are the easiest to pay and permanently remove from your list, so next month you can spend this money on other bills. Look over your list every night and ask, “is there anything I can pay today?” Your mind automatically starts looking for ways to clear this list and shorten it month by month. When you are tempted to make purchases that you cannot afford yet, your mind will remind you that you would rather pay off your debt list. It’s almost magical how it works, but the key is “daily” again. When you pay each bill, write down the paid date and make a big part of it, maybe tick it off with a red pencil, whatever so you can see the progress you are making. At the beginning of a new month, transfer the regular payments to your new list as well as those that you have not yet been able to intervene in, and see the list shrink month after month. If you follow this plan daily, it will shrink and you will have a good sense of accomplishment each month rather than being overwhelmed and discouraged because your finances are out of control.

The fourth and final step of this strategy is to reflect on your investments every day! As I said earlier, it makes a point to pay yourself first. Your creditors will wait because they need it, the most important thing is you and you need to start paying yourself first, methodically and consistently if you are to secure your financial future. Take another ledger and justify it, “Investments”, at the top. Start by stating how much money you put aside each month and ask yourself each day, “Can I increase my investments today?” Savings accounts are the worst financial vehicle you can have your money in as they pay such low rates that inflation slowly eats up your money but intervenes and does something! Mutual funds are generally the best and most consistent investment if you study them. Look for funds that are “without strain”, which means that they do not take a commission from the top moment you invest, thus lowering your investment amount and making your fund grow significantly just to get even. There are good “no load” funds that you can invest for at least $ 100 and you can even start an automatic deduction monthly from your checking account, so you will be consistent in investing. Be sure to look at fund growth over the last fifteen years and find out how many years it will take to double your investment in the current market. The most important thing is to pay yourself first, start investing, and if you focus on it every day, your mind will again start studying investment and get you focused on good opportunities that cross your path. It is an automatic when you use a simple system like this that is so powerful. As you work on your system, you will see what I mean and you will become a spokesman for it, for everything you encounter. It will revolutionize your financial life completely if you just discipline yourself, a little every day, for about two tremendous minutes out of 24 hours. Do you think it’s worth it?

Remember; if you always do what you always did. You always get what you’ve always got. So if you don’t like what you get, you MUST change what you do!

Now be like Nike and “Just do it!”

(If this simple system of financial success has been a help to you, I would love to hear from you.


Recovery of daily expenses month__

(Write down everything you used at the end of each day. Eating, dry cleaning, clothing, entertainment, groceries, coffee, doctor, household items, record, anything and everything))

__Date__ Item_________________________ $ County. ______ _________________________________________________________________________Amt_____


Monthly Income $ ______

Focus on investments daily!

(Savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pensions, Gold, IRAs, anything that will increase in value over time.)

Investment Vehicle Date $ Value ______

By Dr. Gary D. Knouf PhD.