Project management education is an advantage for everyone in IT

CIOs often assume that the training administered for project management within an IT organization is sufficient, which is why project managers do not end up with as much training as they should. However, do not assume that project manager training is not important to CIOs; it’s just that it sometimes fades in comparison to the other pressing issues that they have to tackle. It is often assumed that employees are regularly trained, therefore a high standard and discipline is maintained. But the success of a project delivery will increase as long as there is an enhanced practice of project management.

Some people think that a method can be used across different projects, while others think that methods need to be adapted to each project. Within an IT environment, previously used methods can be re-used with further adjustments to ensure that the project is delivered in accordance with this industry. To succeed with any initiative, CIOs must first examine whether their subordinates understand the methods that were implemented and apply these methods as described.

Some organizations specifically recruit project management staff, and most times they assume that because the individual has previous experience or training on the subject, they do not need additional direction or supervision. It is also expected that these individuals will always be successful and deliver a completed project in record time, but it should be understood that there are other factors to consider. The size of the organization, their location and other variable elements must be taken into consideration despite the project manager’s skill and experience.

Due to the fact that most organizations will only hire an experienced prime minister, they tend not to facilitate a training program for them. However, it is always a good idea to have a training program in place because most organizations will change certain methods to complement their own processes. In addition, corporate world change and development are prominent, so a training program should be in place that allows project managers to follow and adapt to changes.

While existing leaders are able to provide an insight into current methodological practices, it is best not to make them spend too much time training new recruits. The fact is that the current prime minister has already had his or her responsibilities in need of their full attention, which is why they would not be able to provide adequate training to new recruiters as well as perform their own tasks efficiently and effectively.

In the same light, CIOs should not have their technical staff assume the leadership role of the project because they may not be equipped to manage a project, even though they have prior knowledge in the IT sector. These talented individuals may have a lot to offer in the execution of the project itself, but project management methodologies are not something that is easily understood by inexperienced and untrained individuals.