Property maintenance software

Properties represent buildings, apartments, houses and rooms that you rent out. With rising legal costs, property is a very profitable business. Real estate belongs to two categories, residential and commercial buildings. Although the cost of land increases every year, buildings on land are depreciated at a rate depending on location, cities and region.

Properties are depreciated due to the weakened concrete structure over the years due to weather effects. Electrical and mechanical systems need to be replaced over time. The property of a property may have one townhouse or several buildings. Property management is itself a feature that covers domains as tenants, ie. living in an apartment, the rental structure (including monthly and daily rent), the rate of rent increase and maintenance of the building and its installations.

Property management software is a powerful tool in the hands of owners, managers and landlords. It helps keep track of the tenants in different apartments and buildings. All the financial transactions related to the building can be managed and the data can be retrieved. In addition to these features, maintenance is an important cost center for managing buildings.

Property maintenance management software helps landlords optimize building maintenance costs. Maintenance costs include repair of installations such as utilities and maintenance of outdoor maintenance works. The main modules include work order generation, a database of contractors and craftsmen, the history of work orders, asset generation reports, and maintenance costs that help managers make decisions about repair work and disposal.

A large part of companies’ physical assets are in the form of buildings. Therefore, property management software can be integrated throughout the company. This will potentially reduce maintenance costs and therefore reduce operating and administrative costs for organizations.