Quality is still better than quantity

When it comes to customers, focus on quality, not quantity … still effective … better than ever!

When I first “drilled” “customers” and how to optimize their experience (almost 20 years ago), we didn’t have social media. There is no function to “spread to audience” with useless tweets, images or emojis and comments. If you do not complete high-quality work with high-quality customers, you will not get high-quality recommendations or recommendations. No one talks about you, and the customer just left.

Today, we live in the Internet / Digital Revolution. In just a few seconds, you can attract thousands of people through simple short tweets, images, hashtags or comments. And, if you want to spend longer, you can send an email to thousands of identical lists. But, as the old saying goes: “Just because you can do it does not mean you should do it.” Today, this may be more important than any other time in history!

Although the “art and science” that created word-of-mouth has indeed changed, its power and its impact on companies are more than we have seen. The question is whether your business will use it as a lever or deterrent.

Today, we have the ability to immediately contact anyone we want. This is powerful. The question is whether you are attracting the right people or are you just attracting many people. Following the “mass” is a strategy. It doesn’t work anymore … at least there are no subsequent rewards.

QUANTITY is not the answer today. The answer is that if you do n’t specifically designate their employees as your potential customers, do n’t pursue a lot of “likes,” “followers,” and “connections.” Not only do they need to be your potential customers, but they must also become your “ideal potential customers.” You no longer have time to waste on marketing and building connections with undesirable audiences.

If the customer is not your “ideal customer”, then they may be someone else ’s and you should let them sell the product to you on your behalf. Let them spend time and resources to attract them. Nowadays, find the “glossy marble” you really want in the customer base and devise a strategy to help them with everything they have … to really improve their lives or business.

This is quality over quantity. Choose some customers you want to have because they are suitable for your business and growth. When you know who are the few high-quality customers, you will focus on creating leverage in marketing in the right way.

This is why you should focus on some high-quality customers and potential customers. They tell others like them. Everyone knows who they like and hangs out with others who have similar interests and needs. A simple example … People who devote a lot of time to charity and non-profit organizations know many others. This can work in almost every aspect of your business and with your customers … your “ideal customer” knows other potential ideal customers.

I strongly recommend that each business owner or leader is concerned about … “Do you provide your ideal customers with an incredibly superior customer experience so that they can’t wait to introduce you to other potential ideal customers?” “

If the answer is yes, then you can occupy the ideal customer in the market before the competitors, and you will be able to “own the role of that customer” … become the ideal audience for the differentiated unique brand in the industry … Congratulations!

If you answer “no”, there is room for improvement … they have an incentive to tell others about identifying the ideal customers and improving the experience you give them.

Develop a strategy here to help you turn into “yes”, will bring you a huge leverage. It allows you to truly be different from the audience you want, not just the entire general audience … many of these audiences will either care less about you or you will never be happy. They decide your strategy!

This is the magic of this strategy and focus. Quality is more important than quantity!

When you focus on determining the quality aspects of the “ideal customer base,” it doesn’t matter how many … today’s numbers are useful to you, and not so many before. Just 10 years ago, if you had 20 high-quality audiences, their leverage might be 2-10 … which means they would tell 2 to 10 people about you. This means that your ideal audience 20 years ago will be able to pass on word of mouth, bringing you 40-200 new potential “ideal customers.” Not bad … but certainly not enough to quickly develop your business.

The same numbers are used in today’s new digital / Internet revolution. If you have the same 20 people in the “ideal customer base,” then they all have an average of 1,000 friends, connections, and followers. This means that due to the influence of these 20 ideal customers, they are now likely to attract 20,000 potential new “ideal customers.” Remember, people know that people like themselves, so many of these 20,000 potential customers are very likely to be like them! Let’s be more conservative and halve this number … or more conservatively, if you are really unsure, reduce it by 75% … it can still bring you 5,000 potential ideal customers!

When you compare leverage, you have only 10,800 years ago today, the difference is 4,800 potential new customers … This is very conservative, assuming that people who know themselves are 25% likely … I think this is very low.

This is why QUANTITY cannot be the answer in today’s word-of-mouth customer economy on which we live. Quality is the answer to your ideal QUANTITY.

Letting your customers help you achieve your ideal, ideal audience is easier than ever … but only if you treat it strategically and have a completely (and I fully emphasize) a different frame of reference. The traditional method of using “prayer and prayer”, “event” or “broadcast message” does not work. Spending time to really find out what can “help your ideal audience” is the foundation on which you create word of mouth.

Forget the huge amount of services people provide you today … they will not help you achieve the success you want. Stop trying to blast your message into as many lists or people as possible … it will no longer work and your audience will “reject you”.

Instead, try a strategy that applies to our new world … Focusing on the “small amount” of the “ideal audience,” you can take advantage of the advantages available in today ’s digital marketing revolution and customer economy.

This will make a difference. In almost every speech, I provide an easy way to think about and remember this concept: “You have to be really small to be really big.” When you try to figure out your own forward strategy, remember At this point, this may just be your “mantra” to develop and surpass your competitors.

As always, if you want to learn more, please send me a message. I will be happy to talk more about this issue with you. This is my gift and can always help you get the job done better. As I often say, my passion is to help you “skate to the place where the ice hockey is going to reach, not to where it is today”, as a famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky said before. If you want to be an organization, then I am happy to provide you with some insights to make you different and move in the right direction to take advantage of the new world we live in today.


Source by Blaine Millet