Recover Deleted Photos From a Nikon D90

The Nikon D90 is an extremely popular digital camera due to its 12.9 MP sensor and the world’s first DSLR movie mode. The camera writes to both standard JPEG and advanced RAW and NEF file types. It has an advanced file system and accepts SD and SDHC cards – however, this camera is not flawless as it is still prone to data loss. Photos are accidentally deleted through either memory card errors or errors that inadvertently format or delete images. Fortunately, if this happened to you, most of the time photos can be restored.

The first thing to do when you notice your images are gone is to stop using the SD card on which they were stored. If you continue to use the card after experiencing data loss, you risk writing the missing data. Then take out the card and check for physical damage. Often, memory card errors are caused by some sort of friction on the card’s surface. If so, clean your card. A microfiber lens cloth is best, but any dry cloth does. Lightly dust the surface with the card, and remember to handle the card carefully no matter what you choose.

If there is no physical damage or dirt on the SD card, try connecting the card directly to your computer through a card reader or through the camera’s USB connection. If the camera is recognized by the computer, there is a good chance that we will get your photos back through photo recovery software.

For Windows and Mac users, download the demo Disk Doctor Photo Recovery. After downloading and installing the free demo, run the software and have it scan your memory card for deleted or formatted images. If the software is able to recover your photos, you’re done – congratulations! The reason I recommend Disk Doctors for the Nikon D90 is because they have a high recovery rate for SD cards and DSLR high-end file types.