Relief from sciatic nerve pain: The benefits of weight loss

Given the degree of obesity in the United States, it is likely that many Americans suffer from chronic back pain related directly to sciatic nerve inflammation. In fact, the changes in the spinal cord position required to support obesity may put undue pressure on the sciatic nerve and may be the origin of a person’s back pain. Relief from sciatic nerve pain can be as easy as losing weight.

One for the doctor will confirm the notion that weight loss will almost certainly relieve your most significant back pain. The truth is that when an overweight or mild or morbidly obese person visits the doctor who complains of back pain, the first thing any competent doctor will do is recommend weight loss. Two things are going on here. First, before the doctor can diagnose the onset of sciatica, it is probably the most obvious culprit, overweight, to be removed from consideration. Second, your doctor thinks about your overall well-being; Being overweight has far more unpleasant side effects than just pressure on the sciatic nerve. Hypertension or hypertension, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, worsening arthritis, sleep apnea and heart disease are all possible outcomes of obesity. Really some list!

How to lose weight quickly and successfully

One problem associated with obesity may be the consumption of processed foods. If you are actually seriously losing weight, one place to start is to stop shopping in the center of the supermarket. Shopping around the market ensures that you only place natural foods in your basket: fruits and vegetables, meats including pork, beef, chicken and fish and dairy such as cheese, yogurt and dairy products. By avoiding grains, processed sugar, refined corn syrup as well as other highly processed foods containing chemicals and preservatives galore, you are actually avoiding empty calories and you may get the benefit of eating healthier. Oh, and by the way, you will be able to eat as much as you usually eat, so it doesn’t ever feel like you are on a diet.

Drinking a lot more fluid, especially water, is another way to strengthen your weight loss efforts. The key is to stay away from soda, especially non-diet soda. The refined sugar is a killer. Even diet soda is something to avoid. I am partially using iced tea, decaffeinated coffee and water as drinks of my choice. Avoiding alcohol is also wise because of the empty calories found in alcohol. Conversely, a glass of wine a day can actually be very good for your heart.

Physical exercise is also a way to lose weight. If you choose to start a physical exercise program and suffer from chronic back pain, it is a good idea to consult a training expert to help you create a program that not only consists of training that helps your weight reduction, but that contains core strength and stretching exercises to help highlight the back pain you have. Consulting a professional ensures that your routine does not hurt your back.

Getting rid of sciatic nerve pain can be as easy as losing weight. In the event that you reach a reasonable weight for your age and height and you are still burdened with chronic back pain, it is time to consider more radical treatment options. Until that time, however, natural, healthy approaches to cure sciatica are your best bet.