Resolving “Msg 8939, Level 16, State” Error Post DBCC Failure

Database corruption situations are always difficult to solve. Whether it’s a database for a company, corruption can lead to huge losses, including closing the organization. In the case of an SQL database, corruption can be identified by an error message that appears while linking the database. Such error messages come with a detailed description of the exact reason for not mounting the database and also a solution to fix that error.

Although the solution appears to be an exact solution in most cases, there are still thousands of cases where the solution does not produce the desired results. In such cases, the database administrator has no choice but to restore from an online or offline backup. But the problem gets worse when the database administrator has not backed up or the backup itself is damaged. In such cases, the database administrator must choose a third-party MS SQL database recovery application.

One such error message that appears during database corruption is listed below:

Msg 8939, Level 16, State 98, Line 1

Table error: Object ID 0, index ID -1, partition ID 0, alloc unit ID -9064597878029942756 (type Unknown), page (2301: -485291838). Test (IS_OFF (BUF_IOERR, pBUF-> bstat)) failed. Values ​​are 29362165 and -14 ….. “

This error message appears when mounting and makes database records inaccessible from now on.


Corruption most likely happens for the following reasons:

• Open the database file with another application

• Application corruption while the database is open or executing a transaction

• Human errors and virus attacks


There are few ways to overcome SQL database corruption:

1. Run the DBCC command with a repair clause mentioned in the error message

2. If the command does not solve the problem and the database records remain inaccessible, go for online backup recovery

3. If no backup is available, go for MS SQL database recovery application

Information about SQL Database Recovery Software:

First of all, commercial MS SQL recovery software is absolutely safe and does not damage the original database file. In addition, the SQL recovery tools provide a preview of all recoverable database objects and also provide an option to store them in the desired location.


• MS SQL Server 2008

• MS SQL Server 2005

• MS SQL Server 2000

Source by Gaurav Kr