Rush for wealth and why the world order versus nature

Millions of years of evolution and the things of creation are destroyed within 200 years or so of the industrial revolution. Man is on the march, and wealth is his goal. However, it can only come from nature, as buying and selling is about dealing with things gathered from the ground. Forests are transformed into wealth, water is a source of income, food is distributed when people pay for the right to eat, sleep and live, while there is always a cash register at the end of the queue.

In the same two hundred years, the earth’s population has grown ten times to reach the enormous number today. Four Babies a Second is a television documentary about how many new people are arriving on the planet. These are unsustainable numbers and the natural world is already in decline.

Resources cannot sustain the current population, much less the numbers that will affect the land of the next generation. Everyone alive is expected to multiply by at least 2 or 3 in the next generation, and the question is why?

Reincarnation is my experience of a return to life, and it appears that more people are coming forward to tell their own versions of it. Along with the out-of-body experiences of some who have ‘died’ and returned to their bodies while on operating chairs or as a result of an accident and so on, it is not difficult to understand how we have gone from life to life.

With a strong link to the Spirit, it was shown to me that everyone is left who has ever lived, and that explains the sudden increase in population. The visions that have been granted to me also show that we are in the last days and that judgment is now taking place. Those who are of the Spirit and have been true to the voice within differ from the religious worshiping the false gods and idols.

It is the latter who suffers the most and breeds the one who seeks wealth at all costs. They are also followers of the systems of the world order that have grown out of the ways of the 2 beasts of Revelation 11 and 13. We are at the time of the end where these powers will topple when the Spirit is back and those who belong to the real God, receives it.