Social media marketing or email marketing: What’s best for you?

Have you ever thought about the time you spend on social media creating ads, writing status updates, responding to wall posts, etc. as a marketer? Now stop for a moment and look at the time you set aside for email marketing to expand your list, look at analytics and create attractive email content. If your statistics reveal that you spend a lot of your time doing social media and compromising your email list, it can certainly be a big mistake that can cost you sales. You may be wondering why? Here’s the reason.

Predictive Analytics: It is true that social media is a valuable tool and a great means of engaging customers. But it is not the best means of generating sales. If you only have one dart left to target the market, email should always be that dart. Email has about three times more user accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s why smart marketers always consider email marketing not just as essential to their business, but something that is at the heart of their sales and marketing system.

Personal Medium Email: The primary reason why an email is a strong customer-acquisition channel is the mobile device. Business people usually check emails constantly and this allows them to stay connected. And marketers who utilize email effectively are always big winners. On the other hand, many people still do not have their profile on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Email to business medium: When marketers want to build business relationships and communicate with their customers, email marketing is a better option than social media. If you want to talk to your customers in the most professional way, choosing email via social media will help you maintain professionalism.

Email draws more attention: Email marketing is more powerful as it helps to get more attention from the customer. It allows you to make repeated contact, and research has shown that most people check their emails. Although they do not see it right away, the message is still there in the inbox waiting for their attention. On the other hand, if you post a tweet or post something on Facebook, people may be able to see it.

Emails can improve sales: Facebook and Twitter are channels that are often used by people for non-business and non-business things. They are not looking for products or services they can buy. This causes marketing messages to generate fewer sales than emails. Email always helps customers know more about new products and offers that they can buy or use, which improves sales.

To conclude, we can say that we are not asking you to stop social media altogether, but we are saying that instead of being lured by the hype on social media, focus more on email marketing as a channel that is worth your precious time.