State Bank of India to keep Mumbai headquarters closed for a day to sanitize the building

MUMBAI: State Bank of India will keep his headquarters in Mumbai closed a day to clean the building after two employees tested positive for it Covid-19 two people familiar with the matter said.

In an internal memo, SBI asked its headquarters staff not to attend the office on May 5, as it was undergoing a deep cleaning and sanitation of its premises.

“Both employees who tested positive have not been in the office for some time, so the concern for transmission is scarce, but we are taking every possible precaution and finding out who has interacted with these employees,” said an official who was aware of the matter.

SBI had reduced office hours by an hour, and all employees are expected to leave the office at 1 p.m. 17.00. The lender also disinfects his office daily to ensure minimum risk coronavirus transmission.

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