Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Advantage of Buying the Professional Version

Stellar Data recovery products offer a solution for almost all types of known data loss situations. However it becomes somewhat confusing to decide which product is most suitable for your needs especially when you have various types of data to recover. Though features and functionalities of various software products offered by Stellar are clearly defined there are times when people go for the home version of Windows Data Recovery but they actually need a professional version.

Here are the main features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery that are not available in home edition. Go for the professional version if you need any of these features,

File Filter: This Feature allows you to recovery your lost files by their extension. If you have really huge data but you only need a few files with certain extensions then this feature will come in handy. The home edition does not offer this option.

File Type: Similarly there is one more feature that allows you to filter your recoverable data by file types

Fast Recovery: The home edition may take some time in recovering your desired type of data, but the pro edition gives you an option to speed up the recovery process. This feature is highly useful when you are running short of time but need your data immediately.

Resume Recovery: You cannot stop the recovery process while using Stellar’s home edition of WDR. The professional edition gives you the flexibility of resuming the recovery process from where you left off.

Cloning: The professional version of WDR helps you create an exact clone of your hard disk just in case you need it later.

Imaging: You may also create in image of your hard disk or logical volume very easily with professional edition of this product,.

Scan and Save: There are times when you need to save the scanned data so that you may not have to scan it later. Scanning is a time taking process especially when you have hundreds of GBs of data to scan. With this feature you can save the scanned results and recover the data when you need to.

Monitoring: The pro version of Windows Data Recovery keeps monitoring the overall health of your hard disk and alerts you when there is some sign of crash or malfunction.

Masking: This feature allows you narrow the fields of scanning as per your requirement.Moreover there are several other features that are faster and more convenient in pro edition

Source by James S. Peterson