Suggestions Writing Primer

Regularly, a Solopreneur consultant should write a proposal. Some organizations, especially government entities, will publicly announce that a project is available and request bids to be submitted in proposal form.

Occasionally, a Solopreneur may receive a request to submit a proposal (RFP) from an unknown party. The experience will eventually teach you not to respond to a surprising RFP. Inevitably, an unexpected RFP is sent by a phantom client who is either fishing for pricing information or seeking additional proposals when it has already been decided who to hire for that project, but company policy requires that a certain number of proposals be reviewed.

Submit suggestions only after talking to the decision maker and receiving an invitation. If you set it up correctly, the proposal serves as a confirmation letter that clarifies project information that has been previously discussed and agreed upon.

An invitation to write a proposal is an opportunity for you to shine. Show yourself, your brand and your expertise, and write a powerful document that reveals your analytical skill, writing ability, practicality and creativity.

Examine the requirements

If there is a written RFP, examine the requirements and note the submission deadline. Is the project suitable for your organization? Do you have time to write a worthy proposal? If you meet with the client in advance to discuss the project, take good notes and confirm that you understand the goals, specifications and expectations involved. Do you have the expertise and resources to do the job? Can you reach the goals within the time frame? Can you do the job within budget? Do you have to subcontract training and if so, will you be able to make money on the project?

Confirm the desired results

Interview with the client and confirm the desired results of the project and assess what it is to achieve the project objectives for the organization.

Evaluate your suggested solution

Make sure your approach to production of supplies will please the customer. What is the primary criterion for the proposal? Is it completion speed, price or something else? Present a method that reflects what matters most to the client.

Outshine competitors

Please note that a proposal is a sales document. Highlight your strengths in project objectives and address any reservations that may prevent your proposal from being accepted.

Proposals must be accepted

Some suggestions specify that a particular format should be followed. If no such rule exists, include the following items:

  • Give an overview of the current situation that has given rise to the need for the project.

  • Indicate the project’s goals, expected results or deliveries.

  • Describe why you and your organization are uniquely qualified to complete the project.

  • Present your proposed method of achieving the goals and objectives of the project.

  • Details of the timeline and costs (justification for your proposed fee).

  • Reinforce the benefits of achieving the project’s goals, results or deliverables.

Finally, make sure your proposal meets all elements of RFP or client needs. Check your spelling and grammar. Go online and see examples of suggestions; Find a format that visually communicates you and your brand and makes it your template. If a hard copy is to be submitted, you must print your document on good paper.

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