TCS Solved Placement Papers 2011

Tata Consultancy Services or TCS is known for hiring freshmen or entry-level employees through the campus recruitment process. It is one of the largest and most prestigious IT consultancy services in India and is present worldwide. The company offers exposure to advanced technology and the global business world, excellent career growth opportunities and a unique opportunity to gain cross-domain experience.

The TCS recruitment process is open to all freshmen who have the minimum requirement of 60% total scores, from standard X to graduation / post graduation. The recruitment process consists of four steps, starting with a pre-internship interview, during which candidates are given a thorough introduction to the business ethos and working environment. The crucial online written test comes next. Successful candidates are then shortlisted for a technical interview round; those who make this round go through a round of management and HR interviews.

Of all four stages, the written test is the most critical in which candidates are examined not only on the basis of their academic knowledge, but also on their logical reasoning and English communication skills. If you are looking for a lucrative job at TCS, one of India’s most prestigious IT consultancy services, then you need some extra clues to pass all other competitors. Competition for jobs will be fierce and your preparation has to be perfect to sail past everyone else to get the dream job. The preparation certainly starts with the solved questionnaires from previous years, so that you know what kind of questions you will have to deal with during the actual test. The question series rarely changes and patterns remain the same. By working on applications, tests and interviews, you will not have much time to solve all questions. Therefore, solved placement papers are the best bet for success. So download now to ensure your golden future.

Source by Kamalkk Kannan