The best Google website tools of 2018

Google analyzing tool

In this digital age, never underestimate the importance of data to an enterprise / website. In fact, if there is no proper website traffic tracking, then companies will actually suffer, especially in terms of how to optimize the website and make full use of the website.

Whether your website is running as a personal blog, news portal, corporate page or corporate page, e-commerce store, Google Analytics is considered an essential tool for every website. The more times you use this powerful Google tool, the greater the advantage.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google that can track and report website traffic. You can create goals and conversion tracking to get the most analytical information and use them to improve the content of the site, user experience and optimization to achieve better online sales.

Among the many functions of Google Analytics, I think it is one of the best website tools to identify the source / media of the website. Based on the data displayed, you can determine whether your marketing efforts have paid off. This can provide a reliable reference for your next decision to improve website performance.

Google Reference room

Believe me, for beginners, you may be at a loss, and all the data displayed in Google Analytics is huge. Frankly speaking, sometimes you just need a simple report which contains charts, graphs or pie charts to summarize the performance of the website.

This is a free tool provided by Google called Google Data Studio, which provides you with everything you need to convert data from visual data to rich, easy-to-understand reports.

Analytics has always been a challenge for digital marketing, but Google Data Studio allows you to create customizable data visualizations and reports. In addition, you can even share with customers-this is a huge benefit, especially if you work in a large team.

Quick Tip: You can check out the Google Data Studio Gallery to copy their samples and modify them for your website. After that, you will be able to change and edit the indicators as needed. Isn’t it amazing?

Google Search console

This free web service, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, has now been renamed Google Search Console, and the service is designed for webmasters. It allows you to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of the website.

This free tool is a tool that must be search engine optimized (SEO). The function of tracking site search performance is the most valuable data to understand the needs of the audience on the site.

After Google tracks the site, you can view the natural search results next to the performance statistics of the natural search query. This information can help you better understand how paid text ads and organic search results work together. If you have done enough in-depth analysis, you will find many opportunities, such as identifying relevant search queries with low natural traffic and targeting these keywords in Google AdWords. Based on your website goals, this will increase your overall visits.

Google My business

Are you operating a physical store? If you are, then the free tool provided by Google is one of the most local SEO strategies to enhance the quality of your website. “Google My Business” is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online status across Google (such as Google Search and Google Maps).

With the penetration of smartphones in Malaysia approaching 100% by 2018, most Malaysians are using smartphones to navigate, search for instant answers or browse social media platforms. You need to find the right information online to find your business and brand.

Make sure all the information listed is correct, up-to-date and reflects your business. Remember, this information will appear when people search your office or physical store via Waze or Google Map. We often see that some companies have not updated their addresses, phone numbers and business hours with the latest information. Want to get traffic to your website?

You should try a new feature called “Post” in “Google My Business.” The posted content will display your image and short description, with a call-to-action link to your intended URL. For example, the blog post “Should I hide or even delete customer queries on my Facebook?” Will be displayed at the bottom of our business information.

Google Keyword Planner

In the long run, building a website without keyword research is tiring and wastes time. In order to attract the right customers with the right keywords, you should use Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords. Inserting these keywords into your website will ensure that your content remains relevant.

* To access Keyword Planner, you need to log in to your Google AdWords account Free and fast account creation.

Yes, it is completely free, and you can find new keyword ideas related to your products, services, and target customers. Keyword Planner will show you the search volume data in historical statistics, which is one of the most important key factors of your website.

In addition, the data in the keyword ideas is a useful tool for SEO to your website. Analyze the information and turn it into your next content marketing strategy. Based on the search term data, you should have a lot of ideas about what should be inserted in the text to make it more relevant to the audience.

Google Label manager

This free tool helps you quickly and easily update labels and code snippets on websites and mobile apps. You can insert JavaScript and HTML tags for tracking and analyzing websites in the tag manager without touching the back end of the website.

Due to messy code injection, many websites have not deployed tracking functions or unreliable data collection. To solve this problem, we strongly recommend that you use Google Tag Manager to merge and manage all your tracking codes or scripts.

The best example of using this tool is using Facebook Ads. Although more and more companies spend on Facebook advertising, most companies do not install Facebook Pixel on their websites for conversion tracking, optimization, and remarketing.

Facebook Ads has been integrated with Google Tag Manager and can be installed easily and conveniently. You only need to click and follow the instructions given without complicated coding.

Test my website with Think With Google

In order to get a good ranking in mobile Google search, your website should have a fast loading speed and be optimized for mobile devices. Use Think with Google’s “Test My Site” tool to check your site’s mobile performance score. After a few minutes, you will receive suggestions for improving the website performance of all devices.

No one wants to wait for a slow website or browse a non-mobile friendly website. The recommended time is 3 seconds from Google, which means that if your site does not fully load within 3 seconds, most people are likely to go elsewhere.

Just enter your email address and you will get a detailed analysis of your website. The content of this report is simple, but it can provide valuable insights on how Google ranks your website speed.

This report will become an important reference for your webmaster or web developer to further optimize the website. If you need more in-depth reports on how Google renders and indexes websites, you should use the PageSpeed ​​Insight tool.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight

If you have a website developer or website designer who really wants to understand the factors that increase the speed of your website, try the PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool and check your score on website speed and optimization.

Now, the latest version displays data from your first content verification point (FCP), which is the measurement of the visual response that users see on the page. DOM content loaded (DCL), and metrics when HTML documents have been loaded and parsed.

PageSpeed ​​Insights can easily provide an index on how Google indexes websites for desktop and mobile versions.

Here are some website speed optimization tips for PageSpeed:

  • Avoid landing page redirects

  • Eliminate JavaScript and CSS that prevent rendering in collapsed content

  • Enable compression

  • Leverage browser caching

  • Reduce CSS

  • Shrink HTML

  • MInify JavaScript

  • Optimize images

  • Prioritize content

  • Reduce server response time

Google development trend

Want to see the latest trends and data from Google? You can search for anything through Google Trends, and you can even narrow down to specific countries or categories. This tool can be used to identify the latest trends or virus news in your location.

Ideally, once a trend is identified, a new blog post, new promotion, or idea that reflects the trend can be created.

Do n’t forget, you can also use Google Trends to view interest traffic for search terms.

This way, you can find the best time to start a particular campaign. This is helpful for seasonal events or annual promotions, because you can find the best time for temporary digital marketing activities.

Google alarm

If you want to know the specific topics and all relevant information that appear in the news, you can automatically send them all to you through Google reminders, and be notified every time there are new updates to keywords or phrases.

Google Alerts is ideal for simple keyword monitoring and will send updates of these keywords to your email inbox each time they are mentioned for near real-time notification. Of course, you can choose how often to receive them-once a day, once a week or even get them when they happen.

When creating Google Alerts, a useful tip is to avoid using common keywords and instead create alerts that are more unique to your website. The more precise the keywords, the more relevant your alerts will be. To this end, you should use search filters whenever possible, such as language, region, or source.

to sum up

That’s it, these are the 10 must-have free Google tools to improve the performance of your website. Make full use of all tools in analysis, research or monitoring to achieve your site goals.

What are your favorite Google tools? Do you know other Google tools we should cover? Let us know in the comments below!


Source by Martin Tang