The CEO’s perception of a new era of prosperity

Social perception

Humans are naturally social animals, therefore, to achieve our goals on a wider scale of society; we must begin by analyzing the nature of our social habits. Personally, I have been adorned with an eclectic mix of ancestry. People from Sierra Leon, Africa were mixed with the mulattoes in Panama, Latin America and Caucasian military generals from England to create a family tree filled with all types of different colors, languages ​​and cultures. These different cultures merge with what I call “Atlantic Creole” ancestry. My direct family speaks Spanish; yet we have skin as black as the sun can give it and make dishes full of African spices and flavors. Cooking is the hallmark of my family. Every Sunday away from home, I go to the local grocery store in Little Havana to feel the nostalgia of my grandmother’s cooking. The music is no different either. My definitive style of music today is a derivative of what other musicians have seen in me since I was a kid. People have always seen something musical in me that I never saw in myself until recently when I decided to join a local cover band. I think other people see me as confident of trying such a feat. I give myself an “A”. I like myself; yet I have weaknesses like everyone else. My number one cultural weakness would be my inability to choose which part of this “Atlantic Creole” ancestry is my identity. This cloud of fusion repeats itself in every aspect of my life. I end up trying to merge everything into one big mess. Fortunately, my cultural strength is the absolute coolness of every aspect of my ancestry. I can relate to so many different kinds of people because of what my mother, father and other family members instilled in me at an early age.

Physical perception

Physically, my strength is in my legs. I love to walk and think about life. I never really got a lesson on how to treat myself physically other than “Eat right and use a condom”. Of course, others do not see me as a mentally strong person, at least not at first. I can only assume that I am seen as a “shrimp” by others, but I don’t mind it at all. In our society today, it is our ideas that create what we see; thoughts have more power in the information age. With that as a prerequisite, I give myself a “B”, in terms of physicality. I am fit, healthy and efficient enough for this time and place. Like everyone else, I have physical goals I want to achieve. To start at 5’9 “, it’s safe to say that the weather where I am would be very different with an extra inch or two. I’ve done my research, and yes; it’s possible to stretch the spine to gain an extra couple of inches in height. Successfully I’d like to gain more muscle mass. Of course, this is all for show because I really don’t think I ever really need to be a bigger person. Maybe that’s my weakness. My strength would be that in a recession I don’t take up much space, certainly a plus. Nevertheless, I know that I’ve got exactly what the universe needs me right now. It’s my responsibility to shape this clay into what it will be later.

Spiritual perception

Spiritually, this is exactly how I see myself; who is smiling. My spiritual culture is also mixed to the point where I see existence as a canvas; and that’s all. Baptized into Catholicism, saved through Christianity and then patted in the face with the “truth” of my Hebrew bloodline was all enough to make me look at all religious views in a scientific way. I’ve heard and seen so much that I can’t believe everything and anything so easily. Some people call my point of view “Scientology” or “Christian Science”. I would call it “the Scientologists Hebrew Israeli faith in God and Jesus Christ”. Because this topic is one of the biggest differences in views, I will not dwell on actual religiosity. Spiritually, however, I think we all came from light, and in this area we have the choice to return to that light; or fade into the abyss of darkness. You can interpret the hint as you may. My weakness in the field of spirituality is the flesh. There is no religion that can decorate or mask that battle between the spirit and the flesh. We are all the same in that way; and we all fail to forbid the desires of the flesh at some point in our lives. That’s when our faith becomes our strength. My strength depends on the word of God. These words guide my thoughts. The thoughts determine my feelings. Emotions determine my decisions. Decisions determine my actions. Actions determine my habits. Habits determine my character. Character determines my destiny. Therefore, our thoughts lead us toward this destiny. This is the main reason why I chose to build a business based on ideas and valuation thereof. I literally sat down one day and asked myself “How would society be if we could add a measure of wealth to the ideas we get from our higher power?”. That’s when I stumbled into the world of intellectual property.

Academic view

Of course, my mother played no games when it came to academics. Learning is something that my culture (across all boundaries) greatly attracts today; only because of the sacrifices made through bloodshed in the earlier days. At this point, I’m not sure how others see me academically. Nevertheless, I think I have a great level of knowledge within my chosen field of study. I would give myself an “A” just to pursue everything I know will be difficult. This “risk of having a chance” cliche for life has also got me in some bad situations. For example, one day back in 2004 during a field sale (back when I was working for a direct door-to-door marketing company called IPG & Associates), my team left me out in the middle of the suburb until 2am in morning with no car, no phone and no hope. I ended up walking (which wasn’t so much of a burden because I like to walk) 2 miles of road in pitch black darkness. I saw an occasional car drive past, so I headed in that direction until I finally found a gas station. I called my people and learned a great lesson that night. I learned that I always have to have a cellphone wherever I go. It made me stronger. The real lesson I learned was that failure was just a speed bump on the road to success. The next time I came to that neighborhood, I ended up selling 7 just because my clients saw me that night, but were afraid to stop. This created an opportunity for me to build rapport and give my product confidence.

Creative perception

The result is an extremely creative view of me. I see myself as an instrument that God must use for the people around me; that’s the only way my creativity ignites. For this reason, I decided to set up a business around helping other people learn how to finance their own (or other people’s) ideas. A song, a book, an invention; any of these creations can be turned into cash by my method and I prove it with my own music. Today, the music industry is so competitive that you have to be an artist and CEO. I figured that the resource I wanted that would help me create better music was the one resource I didn’t have much of … Money! Therefore, I made it my duty to copyright all my work and appreciate each piece for future profits. The first of these types of agreements was made by David Pullman back in 2000. He is one of the only agents working in copyright and I don’t think he is as active as he could be. Many people might say “well, if you’re a musician, why are you in this business?” I’m saying that if the David Pullman group can earn $ 50 million in commission from Isley Brother songbook running, then I’m there! I noticed that although there were people doing this for patents, trademarks and trade secrets; there was no one (not even David Pullman) rescuing the dying music industry today. From there, the Knowledge Network International Risk Ventures business model was born. My creative perception created the method that I can now sell to anyone who would like to learn. It is friendly or just like the real estate agent market a couple of decades ago, only with more regulation because of the nature of the legal documentation of intellectual property. The great part about my program is that you don’t have to be a lawyer to legally make millions with this system. Hi, I’m counting; if i can be creative, so can other people!

I don’t think I’m any better than anyone, at all or anything. It may seem like a competitive quality, but it keeps me humble. The truth is that I am forced to be unique in every way possible. I guess for other people; that gives me the edge, so that in itself creates an urge on the inside of me to level myself in the perception of others (without using derogatory statements or slurs). I’m less afraid of others now than when I was a kid. There is always a level of caution, but I would not go through a dark ally with fear in my heart. If I were to encounter a stranger, I would quickly try to relate to a well-known cliche or colloquialism just to break the ice. Any fear would be thrown away or confirmed by the foreign answer. I suppose I tend to be more optimistic in my perception of others. That’s why I go for the motto “if I can do it, you can do it too”. I know I abuse them, but cliches can be very useful if used properly. It is just syntax or a mindset that is easily relatable to anyone. I use these language operations to create opportunities for others to build unique forms of rapport on them. This ability translates into my business, though a brokerage course is as common as cliché, a course in intellectual property dissemination is certainly unique. I use the strategies I learned in this course to fund my own music. I’m no Usher “Inda club” and I’m not “Stealin ‘all ya’ booty” like R. Kelly; but when I release my album, I want it to be profitable for everyone. That is why I truly believe in promoting healthy business relationships. I drown myself in my business so much, to the point when I’m bored with my own self-perception; that leads me to ask about other people and how I can help as many people as possible. Again, I don’t think I’m better: I think you are; here’s the reason …

The new conception of wealth

In the year 2005, I had promoted myself from door to door seller to mortgage lender. I thought I was helping people when I received certification as a licensed broker at a large subprime mortgage company. I became a naive pong in a game of numbers. I made as many calls as possible, visited the family home on closing, and watched from the inside out as life strained in the wake of the collapse. First, people saw it as an advantage to take equity out of their home for leisurely spending on the cost of a higher monthly bill, whether they could afford it or not. After a few months into the business, I began to notice that people were not so happy to hear me call. At one time, it seemed as if everyone’s attitudes toward stock trading were changing dramatically. This was a very personal situation that I attributed to my own failure. I thought I was doing nothing right or at least not enough of it. Because of my sharp self-control view, I convinced myself that it wasn’t all my fault with what I saw in the media at the time. I saw the mortgage industry implode before my eyes before the other brokers could get hold of; so I moved on to the next career opportunity. Fortunately, I had saved some money so I could get a new license in the future. I didn’t like stocks because it seemed too hard. The insurance market was far too saturated for me. So it left me with the perfect industry for the downward market I predicted; Commodities.

I learned that when the economy changes in such a way, people usually move their assets to tangible assets such as oil, gold, silver, soybeans, etc. when the economy inflated. I didn’t know the first thing about this until I earned my Series 3 Futures and Options license. However, I underestimated the complicated nature of these financial instruments. However, it got me thinking “If these investors can go ballistic for corn before it’s even in the ground, why not a song until it’s written?” Unconsciously, I attributed the behavior of these investors to a topic that interested me the most, which was my music. I knew that my finding of reducing the mortgage industry was not a basic attribution error because I finally saw the news. I also saw commodity markets fly in early 2007 (What we now know is a negative impact on inflation markets). Oil went from $ 30 a. Barrel to $ 70 and then to $ 115 within a few months. This certainly validated my view. It also made me think that there was a greater transfer of wealth at hand; one unlike others in our country’s history. By this time, I had already begun my secret investigation into the intellectual property industry while selling silver for $ 13 a. Ounce. Once you learned that intellectual property financing is now a $ 5 trillion industry and growing! However, intellectual property was very general for me to take seriously; I wanted to specialize in my field.

It just so happens that my music career required a license for my songs and lyrics, and there you have it. As revenues from the digital music industry grow by 5 to 14% year after year from the last 5 years, I am convinced that my copyright financing system will make investors go ballistic for my music before it is even made as I dreamed. My attribution process for the investor markets influenced my perception so much that it caused a paradigm shift in my career choice. In an economy like today, it is important that we pay attention to the behavior of others and know how to attribute these behaviors. I used this process to place myself ahead of the markets; so when they fall, the unlucky will happen to those who were not paying attention. Jobs are cut by the thousands, but I am grateful that I have the opportunity to offer the unemployed market this amazing new career choice of becoming an IP Agent.

Increasing perceptual accuracy

As I increased my perception accuracy in this newly formed “perception of wealth,” it became clear that I was dealing with much greater things than myself. I knew I was entering undamaged waters, so I began to record my findings in an instructional form. Unknowingly, I actually set up the first intellectual property training course within the basic framework to increase one’s perceptual accuracy. This happened because I increased my own perceptual accuracy at the time of recording. How? As you take the course, you will see the similarities and small differences in my methods (to increase perceptual accuracy) as they relate to basic methods. This is a short list of these methods and their relationship. This list can serve as what is to be expected in this IP funding course.

First Cultural competence-This is achieved with the help of KNIRV as a global company dealing with the global intellectual property industry. The very purpose of IP protection and financing is to promote, protect and preserve a person’s dignity with copyright, trademark or patent.

2nd Reduces uncertainty-In Phase I of the IP Funding Course, aspiring agents are shown how to “acquire” new IP assets. This involves a qualification method that reduces the uncertainty of future profits on a particular asset.

Third Analyze Perception– In Phase II of the IP funding course, hopeful agents are shown how to “package” new IP assets. By diversifying with other assets and forming focus groups, IP Agents effectively analyze their perception of future gains on assets.

4th Check perceptions-In Phase III of the IP financing course, hopeful agents are shown how to “propose” new IP assets. Valuation models are created and checked with focus group members as well as the asset originator before being sent to the intellectual property exchange.


In conclusion, the company is a direct example of how I see the world and how I would like the world to see me. I think my musicianship can only benefit from this business structure and is needed in today’s financially bleeding music industry. In this way, one could say that I have been tasked with representing a new age for business people through a new conception of musicianship. Furthermore, my own perception of the world shows how less of a role I ultimately play in the entire community plan; yet strategies like mine and the like can change humanity toward an established, original and irreplaceable cultural competence for all. I’m doing my part. If you would like to get involved, think of something new, new and innovative. Think of it with your passion and visit my site to join a community that will promote the growth of this idea. Think about how much the world you and I live today will benefit from this strategy tomorrow. I can do it, and so can you.