The increase in complex digital crimes and the intensification of security issues will put CFM on the right track

Due to complex digital crimes and terrorist attacks and economic growth in developing countries, the computer forensics market is expected to grow rapidly. Computer forensics that cites digital data analysis and reporting for legal purposes is the most prominent market in the entire digital forensics market. In order to conduct a structured investigation in order to discover hidden facts and obtain accurate findings, computer forensics has become increasingly active in the field of cybercrime. Investigators use multiple techniques to check and search for hidden, encrypted or deleted files or folders.

Due to technological advancement and the increase in the rate of cybercrime, computer forensics has become increasingly popular in developed regions such as North America and Europe. At the same time, the increase in corporate fraud has also increased the demand for computer forensics. The United Kingdom and other European countries (such as Italy and Germany) have noticed a growing trend in computer forensics, as various industries in the region are increasingly aware of data security. Therefore, manufacturers are exploring innovative products and services to enhance their market share and meet growing demand.

Computer forensics has also become increasingly popular in developing countries such as India and China due to increased piracy threats and increased cybercrime, coupled with increased government spending on banking, law enforcement, defense, and information technology. The increase in disposable income and the increase in the number of educated consumers also complement the growth of the market in the region.

‘S suggestion Computer forensics As a necessary condition for government organizations to conduct proper investigations, their adoption rates in developed and developing economies have rapidly increased. For example, in order to maintain integrity, governments in different countries such as China and Brazil have developed new regulations based on fines for access to data and modification of data or incorrect entry of data records. .

In order to compete with well-known manufacturers, other manufacturers (such as Paraben Corporation, Binary Intelligence and Digital Detectives) plan to develop new computer forensics tools to attract consumers and increase their market share. However, major players in the market, such as Access Data Group Inc., Guidance Software, Inc. and Loghythm Inc., have been using economies of scale to meet the growing demand for computer forensics. Existing brands use product launches, partnerships and business expansion as their growth strategies to consolidate their foothold in the market. For example, in February 2015, Access Data Group Inc. announced the development of a new and improved software version Summation 5.6, which provides case evaluation, comprehensive data processing and management, final review and record management. The main purpose of the product release is to show consumers the enhanced features of the software, and thus gain popularity in the market. However, the increased complexity of mobile devices and increased utilization of cloud-based applications may hinder the growth of the digital forensics market.

Geographically speaking, North America has become the largest market for digital forensics. The increase in the rate of cybercrime and technological progress has made the region conducive to growth during the forecast period. However, it is expected that in developing countries such as China and India, due to increased cybercrime and increased consumer awareness, the digital forensics market in the Asia-Pacific region will grow at the largest growth rate.


Source by Yogesh Godse