The incredible edible ebook! A giant leap into marketing form

For those of us who have written copies and headlines since back in the day when broken pencils and a hundred-eared Rogets Thesaurus were the only indicators of our private worship of words, the e-book is nothing short of a miracle.

Who could have imagined a day when we could write compelling product exposure, a vibrant corporate communication feature, and a dynamic branding for instant consumption?

The e-book is a huge leap for marketing and a critical tool for advertisers, sellers and promoters of modern goods and services. In this information age, the e-book makes facts and figures appetizing. With catchy titles and enticing covers, it makes the marketing speech speakable. With charts, graphs and a fully stocked bibliography, E-books provide relevant and thought-provoking commentary on things that matter to the consumer, the buyer and / or the target audience.

Here are a few more reasons why well-developed, expertly researched and professionally designed e-books should be a key element of any marketing strategy:

Immediate gratitude: We have clearly evolved into an impulse society. Here in the “age”, consumers have come to expect fast information. We no longer have the luxury of waiting to print and email something like a “friendly follow-up.” Follow-up should be now, and an e-book can be sent in seconds via email and then viewed, downloaded and printed upon receipt. There is no better time than now and no better information than what is top of mind and trending.

Versatile: Dropping an ebook in a customer inbox is really just the beginning. E-books are multiple uses and multiple purposes and can be found in a variety of digital sites. E-book links can be teased on websites, embedded in landing pages, displayed on social media, displayed in a press release, and dropped into a QR code. They can be subtitled, submitted, shared and tweeted with a variety of headlines, covers and lures. They are the most important, no-commitment, easy-to-call Call-to-Action. They not only cross devices, but also cross countless marketing channels.

History Marketing Vehicle: One of the most powerful features of an ebook is its ability to tell a compelling marketing story. Storytelling is one of the oldest and most dynamic gifts of humanity. Placing facts, figures, and data in a piece of communication creates not only greater engagement, but much greater audience retention. After all, storytelling is how countless generations before us preserved history and tradition. Modern studies confirm that information presented in a story format is much more likely to be preserved. In short, good brands tell good stories, and ebooks are an ideal format to flex the power of storytelling.

Cross Generational: eBooks have also managed to do what few marketing programs and platforms can … appeal to both Millennials and Baby Boomers. For the most part, Millennials are asking for newsworthy and trendy content that can be read on a phone, tablet or notebook. Boomers, on the other hand, often enjoy the opportunity to print information in hard copy so they can sit down and review it in an old-fashioned way. The e-book’s flexible configuration that meets both preferences, so when properly written and designed, is a cross-demographic solution.

Evergreen Content: With careful planning and strategic writing, an e-book can also deliver critical evergreen content for SEO purposes. It’s the modern way of saying findable, searchable copy that never really becomes outdated. Because of its perennial nature, evergreen content can attract readers for an extended period of time. So, an ever-relevant e-book can be the answer to maintaining user engagement and building brand in the long run. Forget the hardcover versus softcover debate, building a sustainable ebook library or even a free ebook store might be the most powerful marketing tool for products and brands that want to be noticed and found … again and again again.

So marketers looking for the next automation or curation tool may want to take a break. As you sift through the annoying metrics of algorithms, re-targeting, tracking, tag management, predictable analytics, data exchange, A / B testing, real-time decision making, CRM, CMS and SEO … you may just find that a well-written and a very engaging e-book describing the overarching benefits of your product, service or brand may be the best thing you can do for your business this year.