The little-known biometric technology will definitely surprise you

In the not-so-distant past, the only place we saw biometric technology was the decoration of large screens. These gadgets are limited to large science-fiction movies that have a larger life than the characters of James Bondesque, who use this advanced technology to break into highly secure locations. Finger access, iris access, and many other forms of biometric identification are all magic devices. People do n’t think of such magic devices in their daily lives.

Of course, today’s story is very different. Whether it is a residential area or a commercial area, there are various biometric technologies everywhere. Biometric verification is one of the most commonly used forms in security systems because they are more secure and reliable than any system. They uniquely identify and distinguish the biological characteristics of individuals to correctly identify them, and verify or restrict access based on whether the characteristics match. These unique features may vary from fingerprint mode to retina, but some very unique biometric authentication methods are being developed. Some of these unusual biometric authentication methods are listed below:

Ear: Surprise! Surprise! Many of you do n’t know that the shape of your ears is like a fingerprint. Everyone’s two ears are also different from each other. Startup Descartes Biometrics uses this unique identification method. The application comes with an application that can identify users based on how they press their phones into their ears. The technology is still in the development stage.

Xin: Yes, you read it right. There is a way to use your heartbeat to identify your device. Nymi is a wristband under development that can record an electrocardiogram, also known as ECG, used to measure electrical signals generated by heart activity. Then, based on this reading, your identity will be verified. Nymi can be used to unlock other devices you are using, such as smartphones or laptops.

Ass: We didn’t make up! The posterior uses are more than you want to know. A research team provided a unique technology for car prototypes, which can identify the driver by reading the driver’s sitting pattern. This ensures that only you can drive the car, and that everything in the car (including the rear-view mirror) can be adjusted to your liking.


Source by Nandita Kaushal