The roles and responsibilities of an ethnic moderator

More recently, a focus group has emerged as the most powerful technique for gathering authentic details from the representatives of a company-targeted market. Ethnic group research is also part of the comprehensive market research. Any market research group, whether it has a greater concentration of respondents from ethnic communities or not, is led by an expert moderator.

Ethnic group and its moderator

An ethnic group moderator can offer valuable insights on how to encourage the participating candidates from the ethnic groups to speak their minds without any discomfort. The moderator leading a marketing discussion should be more experienced and skilled at dealing with such groups. The person must have a clear idea of ​​the customs, cultures, social values ​​and ethics around the groups that will be involved in the discussion. Such discussions are arranged to obtain reliable details from the participating members.

The set of questions should be prepared in such a way that it does not hurt the religious or cultural feelings of the respondents and they may feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

Goals for ethnic focus groups

A moderator works on behalf of a focus group service provider, which in turn is hired by other companies interested in knowing the opinions and suggestions of potential target groups regarding various products, services, brand and concepts. A marketing research business is usually not a larger entity that only comprises 8-10 people, carefully selected among the target customers on the basis of common experience.

An ethnic group has those members who share some common features regarding social, religious, cultural or historical background. The members of the group can identify each other based on their language, their home country, culture, dress codes, kitchens, customs or any common experience. These people are considered to represent their communities, so their views help businesses understand what these ethnic groups think about the products / services or if they have something to say about improving a particular product / service.

Group members are encouraged to reveal their own views and share opinions with other members of the same group. The ideas are expressed and exchanged in a descriptive way. Such group discussions inspire respondents to give a free reign of their thoughts and opinions.

Function of a moderator

one ethnic moderator is like a focal point for the group responsible for conducting the discussion. He or she chooses the topic after consulting with the company and prepares the guidelines that each member of the ethnic group should follow.

An ethnic moderator sets the time before the discussion must be completed. He or she must inform the participants of the rules and topic of the discussion. They should also give equal opportunity to let everyone speak. A moderator’s charm, persona and skill play important roles in creating an atmosphere that makes every respondent feel comfortable and they can easily express their ideas.