The top five POS systems for bike shops


Everyone knows that a retail business depends on sales no matter what they sell or the size of that business. People also know that the days of the old cash registers are gone. These registries are replaced by technology called POS systems; which today is extremely sophisticated and is the backbone of any business where sales are involved.

The problem that business owners face is that there are so many types of systems and companies that use the systems, how do they decide which one to use? What should he or she look for in a sales system? Once they have narrowed down the search to a few candidates, how will he or she know if any of these systems will work for their establishment?

People in the retail of bicycle shops, you’re in luck! This article focuses on the top five POS systems for your exact business type. The primary resource used in this piece is a complete account of this topic by a company called Top Credit Card We reveal why we chose this company for our article, how they reach their findings, and comprehensive details on the top five company outlets in their report. For each company discussed, we must describe how each system can be used for bicycle shops.

Wallpaper at Top Credit Card

In preparing this article, we were looking for a reputable company that is top in their industry. We found it in the company Top Credit Card They are the final leaders when it comes to assessing POS service providers and preparing independent reviews. They have made it their mission to help merchants of all types and sizes find the BEST payment processing systems across the industry.

Top Credit Card produces these reports every month, so the information is always up to date. They include benchmarking methods to evaluate suppliers and compare each of these dealers with others on the list. There is also a link to contact information for each POS vendor so potential customers can talk to a live expert in person.

What criteria should bike shops use?

As a bike shop owner, you might ask “what criteria should I use when choosing a point of sale system?” Let’s examine that question right now. Of course, versatility in accepting payment methods is a must as well as the ability to keep track of inventory. What else? Forget some things? Maybe with the help of a particular system, you can do something about sales aimed at specific groups of customers that you want to attract to your store. The right technology allows you to go to your customers as well as service them in your store.

Other questions that can be asked include: what about the ability to quickly complete a purchase, or keeping records of which items are sold and which are not? You definitely want these features to be available. Here’s something you might not have thought of – keep track of the overall performance of each employee. A good POS system can help you figure out why one person sells more than the others and determines a course of action.

What factors are involved in the assessment of these POS companies?

Let’s return to the report for a moment. How did they decide which company ranks where on the list? Some of the mitigating factors are:

The year in which they were established

How much revenue is involved

Degree of storage for clients

Who their biggest customers are

Services / features they provide

How is their customer support

Overall score

There was a change in rank since the last report

As mentioned, the company name, contact information where they are located, existing reviews, the ability to write a review and a link to their website for complete details of the company and their systems, are also included in this report. Taking all these facets in mind, we now go into the heart of this article, the top five POS systems as ranked by Top Credit Card If you read our article in its entirety, you can make a fully informed decision about which system to choose for your bike shop.

POS Provider # 5 – CardSmart Merchant Services

This Las Vegas, Nevada-based company is celebrating its 30th year in business in 2019. It offers three separate outlets, each with its own retail-oriented service package. This company prefers to keep its client private. All three systems are reputable and have several features useful for bike shops.

One system that should be mentioned in particular is Aldelo POS Pros. Not only do they have all the perks of standard POS systems, they have things like allowing you to maintain a waiting list and even customer search. These things can be helpful to a bicycle shop owner if he or she has multiple customers waiting for repairs. These features can also help manage these clients and search for them when work is completed. Another feature of Aldelo POS Pro is known as delivery order routing. This is useful when providing bicycles or parts or services to customers.

Keep in mind that CardSmart Merchant Services has two additional outlets, both of which will be an excellent choice. This company will provide a business with several useful financing solutions, perfect if you are low on cash assets for any reason. Choose this company for a nice mix of versatility and industry experience.

POS System # 4 – BankCard USA

You will find this company in 4th place in Agoura Hills, California, established in 1998. Two of their more than 20,000 clients are Lunaria Music and Coastal Dermatology. BankCard USA has a type of POS system available; however, it is quite sophisticated and reliable.

The system displayed by this company is known for its ease of use and versatility. Its advanced technology can be used either on your counter or with a tablet via cloud data storage. This can be extremely important if you are transporting a bicycle to a customer. It allows you to go to your clients’ homes to deliver goods or perform on-site repairs and get paid on site. How big is it?

Another feature of BankCard USA’s sales system is that it works without an internet connection. This is a huge asset. You don’t have to worry if your connection is on fritz or if you have customers who don’t have the internet. This company prides itself on producing POS systems that are both simple and powerful at the same time. Some of its other features that can be used by bike shop owners or employees are the various payment methods it can accept, as well as its ability to provide sales statistics and inventory information.

If you want to go on vacation but dread being out of touch with your store, fear not! This system allows you to view and manage real-time business data from any location you may be using an internet-enabled device. This includes a tablet or Android phone that can connect to the web. Are you convinced? If you want to talk to someone from this company right now, go to their site.

Presentation of POS System Company # 3

Next up on our informative list are credit card processing specialists from Grandville, Michigan. They are a young company that has experienced explosive growth since it burst into the POS system scene in 2010. Their customers include household name, Ace Hardware and also Discovery Network. What makes them a point of sale that you can look for? We describe it to you.

First, they have five separate types of payment processing equipment; if everything would be fine for a bike shop. Two types are wireless terminals and virtual terminals. Both of these are perfect for a bike shop that wants to offer store or home bike products or services. Their mobile application service, which allows payment processing via mobile phones, is also very useful.

Of course, credit card processing specialists have similar basic features and services as the previous companies on our list. What makes them stand out is their ultra-professional staff overseeing all operations throughout the company. This includes a 24/7 support team with the knowledge needed to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you have a smaller, family-owned bike shop or are one of a chain, this company has the technology, services and expertise to provide a Class-A experience for every customer that comes through your doors. They will even give your management team, staff or customers endless access to their learning center. Everyone can get more details about their POS systems and how they work.

POS company ranked # 2

This sales sales company is Harbortouch from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Harbortouch has been in business for twenty years in 2019 and boasts some of the region’s most recognizable clients. This includes Gino’s East Pizzeria and Menchies Frozen Yogurt. So what does Harbortouch offer its client? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

This POS leader has some of the leading hardware and software in his industry. Among them are two separate POS systems, each supplied with touchscreen displays and crystal clear images of all items in the store. This is great for bike shop owners who want to make recording purchases easy, yet complete. This is important to keep track of what inventory you have and what you need to order more of.

A Harbortouch POS system gives you several ways to save time and money. Which store owner could not use these perks? They also provide customers with a lifetime warranty on all equipment. Better yet, you can try it for a period of 30 days. This trial is completely risk free. Want a comprehensive demonstration? Call them today. Contact information is at the following link:

Whichever of the two POS systems you buy from Harbortouch will allow you to accept the latest and most different forms of payment. Among them are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and debit / credit cards that contain EMV chips. The best thing for everyone for you and your clients is that they have the lowest processing fees guaranteed throughout their industry. Moreover, the cost of buying all this amazing equipment is very reasonable.

THE Number 1 ranked POS company

As of January 2019, this significant title belongs to Beacon Payments, LLC, which hails from Boston, Massachusetts. This company has been around since 1998 and serves more than 10,000 customers. Beacon prefers to keep the identity of all its clients confidential. Why is Beacon Payments, LLC number 1? Let’s examine this.

A few of the many reasons for their success are that they provide the best technology, the best service at the best possible prices throughout the company. They have an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. Of utmost importance, their account management team is extremely well trained and each member is an expert in the sales industry.

Whether you are just starting out at your bike shop and don’t have any customers yet, or have been in business for decades, Beacon is the company you should go with. They have the most versatile ways to secure customer payments, services that enable customer billing, inventory management and anything else you need to succeed. Read all about Beacon Payments, LLC at

Bike shops around the world can benefit from owning a point of sale system from this company. Both standard and enhanced features of a Beacon POS system are excellent for easily processing customer payments. This will contribute to the shopping experience of customers in your shop and help your bicycle shop flourish. Call them today!


There is far more information available from Top Credit Card than what we have presented here. For the sake of brevity, we chose to limit this list to five. However, it should be noted that the full list consists of 30 business locations with sales sales. In addition, they have a separate list of the top 10 POS companies focusing on a company that uses tablets. The latter might be useful for smaller mom and pop-type bike shops, where physical space is limited. For complete information on either list, click Good luck with your search.