Time management techniques for the school: How to study

Education is a three-way street between teachers, students and parents. Educating the youth of India is a task that should not be taken lightly and it is important that this education comes with control. Parents are the ones who have the exclusive right to know how students and schools are doing, so they can always stay up to date on daily activities at school. To analyze the school’s performance, Entab has developed a cloud-based tool CampusCare that brings improvisation in delivering responsibility to parents.

When parents are automatically notified or updated about their daily activities & whereabouts in real time, this ultimately results in such a situation that increases the accountability factor for the school, which can be achieved using Entab’s school management software.

The cloud-based school management software has created a number of tools such as CampusCare and CampusSoft that allow teachers to develop an interaction level and constant communication with parents for a better learning environment, which ultimately results in the child’s progress.

Some of the reasons for how a school becomes accountable to parents via

School ERP software is as follows: –

• Using the Student Information System fully monitored by School Administration ERP Software, teachers and school administrators can send alerts to parents to keep them informed of upcoming PTM meetings regarding any changes in time and date via SMS alerts to avoid any miscommunication .

• Using school management software and mobile apps, parents can always be updated on their child’s academic performance by viewing the report cards for all assessments made in class right on the palm of their hand. This can be useful if students fail to communicate the information about the exams to their parents instead of waiting for annual PTM meetings. This helps to secure any gap in the student’s learning and thus cover the void of their careful intervention.

• When parents stay up-to-date on their child’s day-to-day activities at school, they feel much more strongly connected to the school, and this strong connection helps maintain a long-term relationship and confidence in the school in future years that can be achieved with Online School ERP software. .

• Using Cloud-based School Management Mobile Apps, parents can be notified in a timely manner of all daily tasks, events, project preparation for upcoming exhibitions, etc. via SMS alerts. This can be beneficial for the children as parents will help the children to do their daily homework, tasks and also in time for project submission. Thus, it can enhance the student’s overall academics and co-curricular development.

• Using attendance maintenance apps, schools can always be accountable to parents for leave status and leave records for students in case of absence by immediately sending alarm messages to parents so they can be aware of their child’s presence inside the school premises.

• An effective ERP software helps the school administration always keep parents reminded of the quota in fees, fines and the like. It also provides an impeccable feature of paying online fees through the school’s ERP Mobile Apps for both Android and iOS device users, enabling parents to make the fee payment while on the move.

• Through Entab’s CampusCare, the pioneer in school management systems, parents can always keep themselves track of their child’s location while children travel in school transport and can therefore pay attention to any unusual situations that arise.

• The Hassle Free Library Management app is a tool for independent learning of the child. Libraries are learning and discovery places for everyone. Parents can keep a record of all the books issued by their child, be reminded of any penalties for the books in case of late submission, etc. This can help parents keep their children always on track for inventions by impressing good ones reading habits of the children.

For the betterment and growth of children, it is more important that there is a good and strong association and communication between parents and teachers with accuracy. It is also necessary to have a good relationship and a strong bond between the child and the parents. This association & relationship can be made even stronger with the help of Entab’s CampusCare, which provides an end-to-end ERP solution and is also user-friendly.

The Automated School ERP solution helps parents who are very busy with their hectic work schedules monitor and track their child’s progress throughout the year. It also helps to monitor the child’s discipline, personal development and also the academic growth of the child in all aspects.