Top seven food alternatives to solve your urge

Health buffs who have managed to get a controlled diet are slipping back to their former state of health because they miss the things they eat. They thirst for it and do not realize that they are back to their old habits. What people don’t realize is that there are many good food alternatives, so we’ve put together the top seven food alternatives that can do wonders for your health.

Carob for chocolate

Number one on our list is chocolate. You can replace this sweet temptation with locust and eat to your heart’s content. Carob is a pea-like pod that has the same sweet taste as chocolate. With only approx. 51 grams of calories per Ounce compared to the 98 calories of cocoa, you are sure to reduce weight and control your health without feeling guilty about eating something sweet. Guilty pleasures do not have to go away. They just need to be replaced.

Salsa for Dips

Instead of buying and eating dips, make your own salsa. All you need is tomatoes, garlic, a few leaves of parsley and onions. All of these have benefits for the body, and unlike dip, they are not rich in fat.

Wheat bread for white bread

Switch to whole grain from white bread. Wheat bread is made from whole grains enriched with corn syrup. White bread is made from flour and emulsifiers. In addition, wheat bread causes the body to use more calories to digest it because it is made from whole grains. This means you burn fat without even trying.

Chicken for beef

Beef is full of fat! You almost clog your arteries with cholesterol when you eat too much beef. Chicken is as good a source of protein as red meat with less calories and less fat. Just make sure you do not eat the skin.

Water for soda

We all know that soda is bad. Water is what the body needs with at least eight glasses a day. If you find the taste of water bland, spin it up with lemon juice or lime and enjoy the benefits of lemon water. Your body gets nothing negative with water. With soda you drink too much sugar, so don’t even bother thinking why you are gaining weight.

Spice to salt

Salt is bad, but it’s not true that foods will be bland if you don’t use salt. Spices and herbs can do wonders for your food better than what salt can do. All it takes is the right combinations.

Olive oil for salad dressing

Commercially available salad dressings are not only expensive, but also packed with preservatives and fat. In the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and vinegar are the two things people use as a salad spice. Aside from being cheap, vinegar is a good antiseptic and olive oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

See? Being healthy does not mean giving up delicious food. All it takes is simple knowledge of these alternatives and you must be able to treat yourself to good tasting meals without sacrificing your health and well being.