Transfer from the retired reserve to the IRR

Chapter 6, section II, of AR 140-10, states that a soldier can transfer from the retired reserve to the ready reserve. They can be transferred to a TPU, IMA unit or to the IRR.

This transfer must be voluntary. However, in times of emergency or mass mobilizations, soldiers in the retired reserve are subject to mobilization. They can be mobilized from the Retired Reserve, or they can be transferred to the TPU, IMA or IRR and mobilized from there.

The other times; However, retired reserve soldiers, if qualified, can volunteer to return to the ready reserve.


Retired reserve soldiers wishing to transfer to the IRR must be qualified for the IRR and must be qualified for deployment. A documentation the soldier needs is a medical examination. This examination is to be reviewed by an army surgeon. The medical examination and assessment must take place within a year.

Recruited personnel must also be qualified for immediate re-enrollment. These requirements are stated in AR 140-111. A soldier wishing for such a transfer must be ready for immediate re-enrollment with simultaneous transfer to the IRR. If the soldier requests transfer to the TPU or IMA, this would be immediately reported again with simultaneous transfer to the TPU or IMA.

Soldiers must meet the body fat requirements specified in AR 600-9. Ideally, soldiers in the retired reserve should maintain their physical condition and be ready to pass the military’s physical fitness test. This is not always practical and not every pensioner in the gray area does this. Those wishing or considering mobilization, or returning to the Ready Reserve, should consider staying within body fat standards and physically able to meet the APFT.

Those who have retired are generally not allowed to transfer to the Ready Reserve. There is an exception listed below.

If a soldier has been involuntarily removed from the Ready Reserve, because of an action taken by a retention or promotion committee, or because of statutes or regulations, that Soldier cannot return to the Ready Reserve.

Not eligible for transfer:

Soldiers in the retired reserve cannot apply for transfer to the ready reserve for the following reasons:

* A rating board, promotion board or other board has removed the soldier from the Ready Reserve category the soldier is trying to return to.

* Statute requires the soldier to be removed from the Ready Reserve.

* If the soldier were to successfully transfer to the Ready Reserve, and that soldier is to be automatically removed from the Ready Reserve, as required by law or regulation, that soldier cannot return to the Ready Reserve.

* The soldier receives retired earnings, except for Section 6-5, AR 140-10.

Application procedure:

A soldier in the retired reserve is considered to still be in the military. As such, soldiers can go to the nearest career counselor to get the transfer process going.

As mentioned above, you will need a medical evaluation that has been reviewed by an army surgeon over the past year. You also need to make a note. In this memorandum, you must indicate the following:

* That you request a transfer from the retired reserve to the IRR.

* The statement of reasons you used in the memorandum that you included in your request for transfer to the pension reserve.

* Whether you receive a disability benefit or not. If you receive an invalidity allowance, how much will you receive each month.

* Your willingness to serve in the IRR and to be qualified and available for deployment if needed.

If you transferred to the retired reserve for reasons that do not qualify for retirement at age 60, and your new contract would take you to the mandatory expiration date before you are eligible to retire, you must also include the following statement:

* The realization that you must be removed before you can complete 20 years of qualifying service. This literal statement can be found in paragraph 6-5, AR 140-10.

If your IRR transfer request is approved, you will receive transfer orders that transfer you from the retired reserve to the IRR. If you are listed, you should be re-enrolled for these orders immediately the day after the order effective date.


Please contact your nearest career counselor for more information on this process and review the appropriate sections of the references below.


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Source by Travis Hill