Two reliable methods for secure data destruction

Nowadays, the way of working has changed from storing information in hard to soft form. Every type of business needs a secure network to keep its data safe. Businesses spend millions of dollars on IT services to keep their data on the hard drive. Today, cloud computing is also used to store sensitive files instead of desktops. But failure to comply with security requirements can have very serious consequences for the business. Breaches of privacy, data protection, compliance issues, and additional costs occur as a result of improper data destruction services.

Here comes the great importance of removing protected hard drives. Not all companies opt for cloud computing, which in itself is not a highly secure facility. The majority of online businesses use the common resource for record keeping i.e. on PCs Keeping the online files intact is one thing, but having to get rid of the information that is no longer needed is another. Therefore, companies are looking to hire the services of data erasure service experts without breaches.

Following are the two reliable methods to securely destroy data:


One method of safely removing the hard drive is to overwrite all information on the hard drive with a new one. It is considered a very economical way of data destruction. All you need to do is overwrite software that can be applied to partial or full hard drive. If you have already addressed all regions of data storage, you only need a single pass to successfully delete saved files. You can configure the overwrite application to select specific files, free space or partitions on the hard drive. All data residues are permanently deleted after overwriting to ensure complete security.

Be that as it may, the process of replacing information across the entire drive is a lengthy one. Also, it could not achieve deletion of files present in host protected folders. The process may fall victim to data theft during overwrite procedure due to changes in parameters. Safe removal of the hard drive can only be achieved when it is still in a writable state and not damaged in any way.


Unlike the overwriting done by software, degaussing involved using a specific device known as Degausser. Removal from hard drives and other services highly recommend this method of data destruction. Degaussing is actually the reduction of a hard drive’s magnetic field. By doing this, it can delete all files present on a storage medium such as floppy disk, CD, DVD or any other kind of hard drive. One of the great advantages of this method is that the information is completely deleted making it impossible to recover data.

However, highly effective degausser devices can be very expensive to purchase. They are also extremely tough to maintain. It can also interfere with nearby sensitive instruments due to strong electromagnetic fields. In addition, hard drives can suffer permanent damage in the process.

In short, safe data destruction for a large online business it can be a very daunting task to accomplish. Overwriting and degaussing are more reliable means of achieving this. However, you can also look for other methods. It depends on the nature of a person’s needs and financial resources. If you have a small to medium-sized company, you can opt for Overwriting. On the other hand, if you have a large company, degaussing is the most suitable choice.