UnBox business potential with Magento 2.0

Although it has been over 18 months since the arrival of Magento 2, it is still popular on behalf of its ecommerce-friendly features that make it a preferred platform in general. It has the capacity to outperform its competitors such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Here are some key features that increase my claim of Magento 2’s popularity

Performance Boost

Improved performance compared to its previous version as fast as 20%. A fast site encourages users to increase sales and is a crucial factor in making a web page search engine friendly. This increase in speed is built into the e-commerce version of the platform on behalf of the full-page cache, which also enables better directory page management without any slowdown. This has drastically improved the page load time to a maximum of 1-2 seconds compared to 7-10 seconds in case it is a page that does not cache. Therefore, Magento 2 is a better option that is highly scalable to an online store of all sizes.

The box is a user’s delight

A smooth checkout process in Magento 2 makes it easy and fast for customers to move from the shopping cart and complete their order. The high degree of customization it offers, as well as requiring minimum steps with less than usual customer data. A positive impact on behalf of the limited payment time helps to limit the delivery of wagons and results in an immediate boost in conversions.

When an existing customer makes a purchase, even faster check-out is possible due to stored information. There is also this interesting opportunity to create a single click account right from the Order Thank You page.

More mobile-friendly platform

The key to boosting sales is mobile responsiveness now, if not all, at least close to all Internet savvy customers find smartphone as the first choice for shopping online. This fact is highly respected by Magento development teams, which is why they secured the latest Magento version as their priority. It features latest responsive and SEO-friendly themes, smart video integration and even easier checkout. These technical enhancements enhance the look and feel of your Magento mobile device stores, thereby improving sales.

Easy to upgrade

Installing and upgrading either the core Magento application or installing extensions is now much easier. Basically, prior to installation, the Magento 2 standalone installer checks for prerequisites. This will help smooth system installer integrators and standard installation upgrades. The export / import option is available to export customer records, product catalog and inventory information and much more and then import them into Magento 2.

Beautiful Backend

The grid views of page titles or inventory levels can be created smoothly in the admin area, and information can be further edited directly on the page in the grid, just as you would simply in Excel sheets. This is very time-saving as you do not have to launch each product individually and tap the sub-tab to edit respective information.

The Future of Magento 2 can be summarized as below:

  1. Performance and scalability updates
  2. Improved preview functionality
  3. New and advanced search feature
  4. Ease of use for the admin panel
  5. Multi-warehouse support
  6. Features more suitable for B2B