URL Software’s Solid Waste Collection Management System-Ahmedabad

URL Software has developed a system for solid waste collection management, monitoring and reporting.

Barcode labels are affixed to the doors of personal houses, trash cans and vehicles. People who come to your home to collect garbage must scan the barcode. This information will be immediately relayed to the municipal company’s server that records the data. Store complete information logs, including who collected, when collected, from which latitude and longitude, and from which location. Riveting and welding steel plates on large dustbins with laser engraved barcodes.

When the trash can is emptied by the person in charge of the municipal company, the SMS will be delivered to the social secretary / chairman. Therefore, it is direct public participation and fills the gap of actual participation in cases of wrongdoing.

In this way, the company can get online every minute update and roadmap of the complete solid waste collection process. Such an e-government project not only reduces manual workload, but also adds strict monitoring and better workflow.

Attendance, payroll, social, contractor, and trash can reports can be easily generated along with archive logs. All government and related politicians, such as mayor, commissioner, Dai. Commissioners, e-government chiefs, general managers, solid waste contractors, executives, etc. automatically obtain daily reports via email / SMS.

With this system, a better healthy environment can be created through the use of systematic solid waste collection and management methods.

The return on investment of the system is as low as 2 years, and we have already started to contact other municipal companies and got a good response.

We have successfully implemented in GUDA (Gandhi Nagar City Development Authority) and RUDA (Rajkot City Development Authority).

Internationally, we have begun to engage with small countries that are implementing e-government. You can email us at info@urlsoftware.com to learn more details about the project.

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Team, URL software

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