UTECH TMS | Transportation Management Software-Demo

A comprehensive collection of efficient freight software tools that manage all aspects of your business, increase driver loyalty, and ensure that customers ’cargo arrives safely and on time.

Our characteristics:
-Complete transportation operation requirements from A to Z. You can manage all drivers, tractors, trailers, customers, suppliers, users and other personnel more intelligently in a safe place.
-Ability to add comment updates to fleet units, upload pictures and data files. For example, rate confirmation, POD, inspection, receipt, etc.
-A smarter solution to organize claims. You will be able to view all new and existing claims updates and all supporting documents and files in one place.
-Use complete and LTL transportation. You can combine multiple LTL cargoes into one shipment and pay for each action of the driver separately. You can use multiple drivers to execute an order. The system supports singles and team drivers.
-After adding the load, you can check all the mileage of the driver. You only need to move the mouse cursor to the road where the driver actually travels to change the road.
-Send text messages directly from the software without using any third-party solutions. Therefore, when you add a load to the system, you can immediately dispatch the driver from there.
-Easy-to-understand reports, including driver, tracking number and all dispatchers. Our system will also calculate how much you should pay for the driver ($ / mile (full mileage or full mileage); gross rate or percentage of fixed rate), and can also export all reports to PDF.
-All your operations and management will be done by UUTECH TMS, and all bookkeeping will be done by QuickBooks.

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Use UUTECH’s transportation software to invest in your company’s future.

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