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Raintech pos software has all functions, including bar code privilege cards, SMS, coupon codes, purchases, sales, quotations, and credit management system accounting; in the free version, monthly sales bills have limitations, and all other functions can be used.
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Raintech pos is an advanced billing software. Among them are barcodes with all functions for direct sales of entire sales and other SMS and privilege cards and so on. It has a good inventory management system. Has a good user interface. It has all options for quick sales counter sales and pos sales, and has privileged card facilities, providing management buy one get one free option and all. GST reports are very simple and can be created from Raintech POS billing software. All reports, such as best-selling low-priced products, low-stock products, salesperson commissions, etc. Raintech POS demos can be downloaded for free from our network sight or your TV channel description. For all your grocery stores in retail and clothing supermarkets, this is a very simple billing and accounting application. Raintech POS is an innovative billing software application that will help all your retail business. Most of our videos are in Hindi. We can customize the software according to customer requirements. Raintech billing software is India’s largest billing application. It can run in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 applications. Raintech pos billing software has a very powerful database and a very powerful backup system. From 9am to 5pm, we will provide dedicated customer service.
Invoice management quote management SMS uses HTTP api to send user registration change password record customer supplier product inventory quote billing report sales service billing profit and loss inventory in and out of creditors and debtors expenditure purchase purchase day ticket management fee voucher management service management barcode support barcode label Print Billing (Product + Service) General Ledger Supplier General Ledger Customer General Ledger General Ledger Sales Ledger Sales Ledger Commission Credit Terms Credit Terms Statement Trial Balance Bar Code Support Bar Code Label Printing Module Purchase Return Module Sales Return Module The main functions are: Main article: Company information, company contact category, subcategory, SMS setting, SQL server setting, customer management, supplier management products, can be used in clothing store billing software department store billing software retail billing software supermarket billing software, etc.
Raintech pos billing software has all the advanced technology of retail business. And the use of raintech pos is also very simple. The interface is very easy to understand, and our customer service team has always been very active in supporting customers. raintech pos billing software is a lifetime software, which means you can download and install the software on your computer, the license fee is 8500 rs, and you can use the billing software for retail and retail stores, such as clothing stores, supermarket Kirana, for life Shop food store hardware store billing etc. in any retail business, such as retail business hardware store, clothing store, etc.
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